Looks like everyone is settling in nicely! Chelsea Houska and husband Cole DeBoer welcomed daughter Layne at the end of August, expanding their family as they introduced big sister Aubree and big brother Watson to their new baby sister. As they’ve adjusted to being a family of five, they’ve set a new tempo around the house, but it doesn’t look like anyone’s struggling to play catch up here. Instead, Chelsea seems perfectly at ease with her three gorgeous kiddos, and Cole’s just content to snap as many pictures of his loved ones as he can. Recently, he shared a picture of the beautiful mama breastfeeding, and it’s warming not just his heart, but ours, too. Check out the picture in the video above.

We’re obsessed — and so are Teen Mom fans all over. In fact, they ever gathered on reddit to share some love for the fam. “Love this pic from Cole,” wrote the user who started the thread. “Breastfeeding FTW.” Others chimed with support, too. “I love how much they love each other. It seems genuine.” A third commenter added, “Looks cozy. And yay for Chels for Breast Feeding. Especially since she just posted that she had mastitis.”

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Little lovey 🖤

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The Teen Mom 2 star opened up about her struggle with mastitis on Friday, September 7th. She shared on Twitter, “Mastitis is no joke,” agreeing with a fan that she’d rather go through labor and give birth again rather than having to deal with the condition. “I never knew it was this awful!” she wrote. If you’re not familiar with it, mastitis is a condition where there’s a backup of milk in the milk ducts — which is to say that, basically, a new mother’s boob can get clogged. It affects one to three percent of breastfeeding mothers and can make your boobs swell painfully, so having to deal with that and a newborn is no easy feat. 

Luckily, Chelsea made it through the other side, writing a few days later that, “This is the first day that I don’t feel like I’m dying since Thursday… I never knew how horrible mastitis was. Aaaand I never want to go through it again.” We’re just glad to see that she’s feeling well enough to nurse Layne again, not to mention relax on the couch with all her babies. And while Chelsea shared that Layne has “been the easiest one” to take care of out of all her babies, that doesn’t mean things are always easy. 

“Every time I finally get the baby swaddled, fed, to sleep and then lay her down…….She poops. And I have to start all over,” she wrote on Twitter. Hopefully Chelsea and Layne will figure out their perfect rhythm soon! Until then, we just need the new parents to keep the pics coming.

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