The body of Charles Manson is a hot commodity these days as another person just joined the growing list of people fighting over it. Matthew Robert Lentz came forward and said he is the sole heir of the serial killer — he filed a will in LA on Feb. 21 that was allegedly signed by Manson himself.

In the eight-page document obtained by Radar Online, Manson listed Matthew as his only child and added his friend, Benjamin J. Gureki, as the executor of his estate. This affidavit was filed to compete against the other existing wills claiming to be the late killers’ including the one Michael Channels filed which was also allegedly signed by Manson in 2002.

charles manson

In that version of the will, the killer supposedly wanted his remains to be turned over to Michael who had been Manson’s longtime pen pal. Not only was Michael supposed to gain access to Manson’s body, but also his estate which included all image, music, movie, and publishing rights. Manson allegedly wrote in this document that because he had taken his two biological sons — Michael Brunner and Charles Manson, Jr. — off of the will, Michael was guaranteed everything.

Aside from all of these people who are not related by blood to Manson, his grandson — Jason Freeman — is also fighting for the estate. (Jason’s father, Charles Manson Jr., reportedly changed his name “to avoid the specter of being the son of Charles M. Manson.”)

Jason thinks Michael’s version of the will is fake and said in a court document filed on Jan. 12, “Any purported will, if any, that may be asserted, is a forgery.” He has yet to respond to Matthew’s petition of the will.

Prior to his Nov. 19 death due to acute cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, and colon cancer, Manson was serving a life sentence after he was found guilty of the murder of actress Sharon Tate and eight other victims in 1969.

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