Breathing in and out. Chanel West Coast took to Instagram on Thursday, March 26, to share how she copes with anxiety during stressful times. The 31-year-old said she listens to a meditation playlist before starting her day.

“What I listen to every morning because I wake up with anxiety almost every day of my life,” Chanel captioned a screenshot of the playlist shared to her Instagram Story. “Really helps me calm and focus for the day.”

Courtesy of Chanel West Coast

Some of the songs on the playlist include “Simple Serenity,” “Let the River Flow” and “Pure Sounds of Nature (Sea).”

The Ridiculousness star often gives advice and shares some words of wisdom with her followers. On March 4, the beauty preached the importance of being kind in response to the constant shade she receives online. “Work hard. Love ALL people. Don’t judge anyone by their race/sexual orientation/religion. Stay positive. Support others. Be kind. Be generous. Be honest,” she began on her Story. “Good things will come to you if you practice all these things daily,” she said. “If you mess up on any of these things, karma will not be your friend. Remember that,” she concluded with a praying hands emoji.

While Chanel has a collection of haters, she admitted she doesn’t understand why. “I’m the nicest person around, the least of a ho, so generous and loving, so hardworking, yet I get these vibes like someone out there [is] s—tting on my name,” she wrote on Instagram in December 2019. “I cannot figure it out. Hopefully, people will try to get to know who I really am on their own.”

In an exclusive interview with In Touch, Chanel said she manifests the negativity from haters and uses it as “fuel” to motivate her to reach her full potential. “I still am not where I wanna be yet. I still haven’t had a hit song on the radio, but I know that these people … I almost appreciate them,” she said of her trolls. “I dedicate my perseverance and ambition to my haters, honestly, because as much as I love my fans and I dedicate so much to them as well it’s really the hate that makes you go, ‘I’m going to prove you wrong.’ And that pushes me every day to be like, ‘What am I going to do today to make these haters and in a year look back and feel stupid wishing they never left that comment?’”

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