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Raised in Portland, Oregon, by a single mother, Chase always set his goals high and was willing to chase his dreams regardless of the challenges that stood in his way.

After graduating from high school, McAnear knew college wasn’t the path he wanted to take. He felt a calling toward real estate and wanted to try his hand at starting his own business, building it from the ground up. And that’s precisely what he did.

Creating his now wildly successful businesses did not come without challenges along the way. When Chase initially decided not to enroll in college, his family was less than thrilled and ended up kicking him out of the home, feeling that he had no real plan for his future. McAnear did not let this slow him down. Between crashing on friends’ couches and sleeping in his car, McAnear would jump on the WiFi at his local Starbucks to complete his real estate course and eventually begin connecting with new and existing clients. After selling his first home, McAnear re-invested in himself and the growth of his business and brand. He eventually mended his relationship with his family, formed an even stronger bond and started taking ownership of his future, literally.

For Chase McAnear, there was no limit for how big he wanted to or felt his businesses could grow. What started as working as a real estate agent has grown into what can only be described as an empire and now stretches far beyond just real estate. McAnear has founded Lux Properties, McAnear Consulting, Californium Supply Co, Opulent Industries and most recently, Siren Agency.

In Chase’s eyes, his success isn’t measured by the many multimillion dollar companies he has created. Instead, it is measured by the amount he is able to give back and contribute. Chase shared that he finds the most joy in the fact that he has employed hundreds of people over the years, providing six-figure jobs that are changing people’s lives. McAnear also gives back to his family, saying that his grandmother, mother, and sister are his greatest motivation. He continues to work hard to give them the life that he feels they deserve at a level they had only ever dreamed of.

Beyond giving back to his employees and families, Chase values giving back to charities near and dear to his heart. St Jude Children’s Hospital receives donations every year from each of Chase’s companies. Before the age of 23, Chase had donated more than $250,000 to St Jude. Ultimately, McAnear wants to extend his philanthropic efforts beyond the United States, helping impoverished children afford medical bills worldwide. McAnear shares that he knows what it feels like to be struggling and to have no help at all, and he is grateful to be in a position to be able to help and give back.

Chase McAnear’s drive and go-getter mentality have allowed him to go from homeless to a multimillionaire in just a few years. Setting no cap on what he can achieve and working tirelessly to create businesses that are continually growing and always making a positive impact in their prospective markets. There are no limits to how much you can succeed with good attitude and hard work, and Chase McAnear continues to show other young business owners that it’s true!

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