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Casey Anthony’s Dad George Looks Somber in 1st Photos After She Accused Him of Daughter Caylee’s Death

Casey Anthony‘s father George Anthony has been photographed for the first time since she accused him of of sexual abuse and causing the 2008 death of her daughter, Caylee,  in an episode of her new Peacock docuseries.

George was seen working on a wood bench inside his garage on Tuesday, November 15, as well as doing some yard work in photos obtained by In Touch. He appeared somber in the pictures, which surfaced hours after the allegations from Peacock’s documentary Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies surfaced. In the three-part series which airs November 29, 2022, Casey, 36, claims her dad staged her 2-year-old daughter’s drowning to cover up possible abuse on his part. 

“I wasn’t feeling that great, and I wanted to lay down. I had her lay in bed with me,” the Floridian said of the afternoon of June 16, 2008, the date her daughter was seen alive for the final time.

“I was awoken by [my father] shaking me and asking me where Caylee was. That didn’t make sense. She would never even leave my room without telling me,” she continued. “I immediately started looking around the house. I go outside and I’m looking to see where she could be.”

“He was standing there with her. She was soaking wet. He handed her to me. Said it was my fault. That I caused it. But he didn’t rush to call 911 and he wasn’t trying to resuscitate her. I collapsed with her in my arms. She was heavy, and she was cold,” Casey explained.

“He takes her from me, and he immediately softens his tone and says, ‘It’s going to be OK.’ I wanted to believe him. He took her from me, and he went away,” the Ohio native added. Caylee’s skeletal remains were found on December 11, 2008, in a wooded area near the Anthony family home outside Orlando, Florida, where Casey and Caylee lived for a time with her parents.

Casey also accused her father of molesting her. “The outside world saw this perfect little family and there were moments of that for sure but that wasn’t the reality,” she explained. “Our life at home was a lie, telling the truth, especially in our house wasn’t allowed. It all comes back to my dad.”

In the docuseries, she recalled the alleged abuse that she claimed started when she was 8 years old when her dad came into her room at night. Casey alleged he “physically hurt” her and told her she couldn’t “tell mommy what happened.”

“I have to live with that. Knowing that I failed to protect my child. And I kept failing her even after that. I failed her again and again and again. Because I protected the person who hurt me,” she continued.

George staunchly denied abusing his daughter during her 2011 trial and again in 2018 after Casey made the accusation again.

In a statement released through their attorney at the time, George and his wife Cindy, responded, “After years of silence, Casey Anthony has decided to complete an interview and has once again pointed to George Anthony, her father, as a suspect in the disappearance and death of his granddaughter, Caylee. George, who has continued to try and move forward from this tragedy and who was vindicated on multiple occasions, is once again forced to relive the hints, rumors, lies, and allegations that are being made by Casey Anthony.”

Casey went on trial for Caylee’s murder in May 2011, with prosecutors seeking the death penalty. On July 5, 2011, a jury acquitted her of charges including first-degree murder and aggravated manslaughter, after just 10 hours of deliberation. However, Casey was found guilty of four counts of lying to law enforcement. She fulfilled a small prison sentence and paid a $4,000 fine.

Over the years, George has steadfastly denied he was with Caylee when she died. “Casey knows what happened to Caylee. I feel that in my heart,” George told Crime Watch Daily in October 2017. “Do I feel that she took my granddaughter’s life? I don’t want to believe that, but Casey is the one [who] can answer that question.”

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