It’s been 10 years since the tragic death of Casey Anthony‘s daughter, Caylee Anthony, and now, her parents, Cindy and George Anthony, are speaking out about the unfortunate situation surrounding their late granddaughter.

Casey was previously acquitted of murder in the 2008 death of her two-year-old daughter, and after all this time, her mother and father are tired of being referred to as “the Anthonys who raised Casey, who’s a monster.”

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The duo spent the entire sit-down on the A&E special Casey Anthony’s Parents Speak disagreeing about all the happenings from Caylee’s mysterious passing a decade ago.

George claimed that Casey and Caylee would sometimes be gone for days at a time, and he’d come home from work and they wouldn’t be there. “Most times, but a few times she wasn’t,” said George. “Because that was a night she was supposedly going to spend a night with the nanny or one of her friends.” We later learned that the nanny, whom Casey named Zanny, was made up.

Cindy — who was apprehensive about doing the interview in the first place — immediately got defensive. “George, as far as Caylee goes, I knew when that child was not here,” Cindy said, to which George agreed, but still said it was weird that they’d be missing for days.

“Not at that time,” said Cindy, to which George replied, “About six months before we saw a couple different times where she’d be gone for a couple of days.” Cindy then said no. “Casey and Caylee did not stay out for two or three days, I know that for a fact. Caylee was always here,” she added.

Interviewer Elizabeth Vargas then asked Cindy, “So Caylee never spent the night somewhere else?” Her answer? “Maybe one or two times, cause I wouldn’t go to bed unless I knew Caylee was tucked in.”

George interjected, “Listen I don’t want to get upset with you, I don’t want to upset anyone anymore but I just now what I witnessed…”

After this, another dark time in their lives came up— when Cindy believed George stole money out of her wallet. George, however, claimed it was Casey who stole the cash. He then confessed his wife once stole money from Caylee’s savings account.

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“But George, Casey learned by example,” Cindy insisted before she stormed off the set. She added, “No, but I’m telling you, you lied to me for several years and that’s where our daughter got it.” George replied: ‘Don’t deny it.’

Once the argument was over, Cindy also gushed about her previous relationship with Casey (they’ve been estranged ever since the trial). “Casey was just a very spirited child. She had a lot of energy, she was just the light of our lives. She made people smile. Casey was very popular. She had tons of friends and lots of little boyfriends,” Cindy gushed.

Perhaps that’s why she was immediately close with Caylee. “I was the first one to hold her and I felt kind of guilty doing that, but oh my gosh I just melted when she handed me Caylee,” she shared. “Caylee reminded me a lot of Casey and I think that’s where my attachment to her was, it was just like reliving having Casey again.”

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