Anfisa Arkhipchenko had a few weeks between her summer and fall semesters of school, so she and hubby Jorge Nava decided to take a little tropical vacation. For the past week, the 90 Day Fiancé stars have been teasing where they’re going, and on Aug. 13 she posted a boomerang of their passports, showing that they left the country. But with his criminal charges, is Jorge even allowed to do that? Watch the video above to see where they are. 

Here’s the thing: less than a month earlier, Jorge reached a plea agreement for his  felony charge of Attempted Transportation of Marijuana for Sale after he was caught with 300 pounds of weed in Arizona. So, is it okay for him to be jetting off to paradise?


Credit: Instagram

It sounds like Jorge would have needed to make some special arrangements before leaving. “When you are facing felony charges, you likely will be required to remain within the jurisdiction where the case is pending,” says Bloom Legal. Jorge’s lawyer may have petitioned for him to leave the jurisdiction (Arizona) to go back to his home in Los Angeles. But what about international travel? He would have likely needed permission from the court to go. Hopefully he got that, because the consequences could be dire.

“In some cases, a violation of travel restrictions prior to your trial could result in you being taken into custody and required to remain incarcerated until the trial occurs or a plea deal is reached.” Jorge already took a plea deal, but it’s unclear what exactly it entails. Recently he made it sound like he might have to do a year of jail time, so perhaps the courts let him take a vacation before serving that. 

When Anfisa asked fans where they thought they’re going, many of them joked about Jorge’s legal trouble in Anfisa’s comment section. “Cabo. Cuz George can get more weed to bring back. Hahaha. Jk,” said a fan. 

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