A successful YouTube video is judged by the quantity of its likes.  If you have several YouTube videos with hundreds or thousands of likes, it can mean good things for your YouTube channel.

The YouTube search engine and Google will rank your videos and channel much higher on their search results pages. Then you can enjoy the benefits of increased organic traffic, which translates to additional views, likes and subscribers. 

People tend to trust videos with a greater number of likes. For example, if you have a promotional or educational video with an important message, people are more likely to trust it if the video has several likes on it. 

But how does a new YouTube channel get likes for its videos? There is not much you can do from an organic standpoint. When new channels upload videos, they are lucky to get more than 10 or 20 views at the most. It will take forever to gain channel popularity if you’re waiting for people to discover your videos naturally. 

For this reason, you should buy YouTube likes for your channel. The beauty of buying YouTube likes is they make your videos more popular without having a popular channel. Bought likes also add more views to your videos and channel. And if you’re lucky, you may get new subscribers as a bonus. Just make sure you upload quality videos.  

Is It Safe to Buy YouTube Likes?

YouTube traffic and engagement services are scary to some people. They are not sure whether buying YouTube likes, views and subscribers will get their channel banned. It is an understandable fear after you work hard on a YouTube channel and want to keep it protected and secure. 

The truth is that negative results only come from low-quality services. For example, if you purchase your YouTube likes from vendors selling fake likes or automated bot-controlled likes, it will have unfortunate ramifications for your YouTube channel. But if you are buying from reputable vendors selling authentic likes, it will mean only good things for your channel. 


Real YouTube likes should be your primary focus. Choose a company with a fabulous reputation for selling real YouTube likes from real YouTube accounts. YouTube isn’t going to ban your channel if your videos receive a massive number of likes from real accountholders.


The YouTube algorithm is very smart and will detect whether the accountholders are real or not. If any company promotes the services as bot promo packages or something similar, stay way from that company entirely. It is only safe buying YouTube likes if the company sells real likes and has a reputation for doing so. 

Where Can I Find Legitimate Vendors?

The next step is to find legitimate vendors that sell real YouTube likes. Most newbies don’t know where to start because endless numbers of vendors pop up on the internet every day. Which ones are trustworthy?

Fortunately, we’ve taken the guessing out of your dilemma. Our research indicates that three particular vendors offer the best-quality YouTube likes at some of the most affordable prices. When we say you can buy YouTube likes cheap, we mean it. 

Are you curious to learn more about these vendors? Below are the top three websites for buying YouTube likes. 

1) Stormviews.net


Stormviews is the number one place to buy YouTube likes. It was one of the original vendors that started the trend of social media traffic services. You can use Stormviews to buy YouTube likes cheap. In fact, you can buy 50 YouTube likes for under $10. 

Stormviews offers five different likes packages for 50 likes, 100 likes, 250 likes, 500 likes, and 1,000 likes. They keep their likes packages smaller in size because it makes them friendlier with the YouTube algorithm. You’re far less likely to see your videos or channel get banned. 

All YouTube likes are delivered instantly. You can count on them being real likes from real people and not fake likes from bots. Stormviews goes to great lengths to ensure their YouTube likes are authentic for their customers. They offer a guaranteed instant delivery after checkout is complete. 

Apart from Youtube likes, you can also buy Youtube views and buy real youtube subscribers from Stormviews. 

If you have questions about the legitimacy of their likes or any other aspect of their service, you can contact their customer support team 24/7 online. They have an email contact form where you can send messages directly to the team. They will respond to your emails within a short timeframe. 

2) Followers.io

Followers.io operates a social media traffic service that focuses on brand growth. Providing more likes to your YouTube videos is one way they fulfil this task. You can purchase 100% real likes from real YouTube accountholders for as little as $2.99 to start. It is one of the cheapest deals you can find from any social media traffic vendor. 

Do you wish to split the likes on more than one video? Followers.io gives you the option to split the likes of a single order so that you can spread the likes around to all your desired videos. It is the perfect way to maximize your investment and traffic for your videos. Splitting likes is more favourable to the YouTube algorithm too. 

Followers.io offers a 24/7 live support system for any customer who has questions or comments about the services offered. The customer support team can assist you with your order, including choosing the best YouTube likes package for your particular needs. 

Buying YouTube likes should only be part of your effort to build your brand. If you want to buy YouTube subscribers and views, you can find those services offered on the Followers.io website as well. 

3) Useviral

Useviral is another reliable vendor that sells YouTube likes. They sell packages with anywhere from 100 to 5,000 likes. They don’t sell an overwhelming number of likes because they want to keep the likes small and authentic. This makes the likes more friendly to the YouTube algorithm and decreases the chances of your channel getting flagged.

Don’t worry, though, because Useviral sends real likes consisting of real people. Each like will be linked to an actual accountholder on YouTube. So, there won’t be any red flags raised in the YouTube system because the likes will seem normal to it. That is because the likes are legitimate since they come from real people.

If you’re lucky, you might see your subscriber count increase from the likes. All you have to do is produce quality content that is interesting to people. Then people won’t just click like on your videos because they’re getting paid. They’ll click like because they love your content. That is what you should want above all else. 

How to Buy Likes on YouTube

Now you know where to buy YouTube likes. The next step is to learn how to buy likes on YouTube. You don’t need anything other than your YouTube channel URL address, email address and payment information.

The purchase process is relatively straightforward. When you visit one of these vendor websites, click on the link labelled “YouTube Likes” or something similar. The link will bring you to a webpage with several different YouTube likes packages. 

You may choose to buy 50 YouTube likes, 100 YouTube likes or whatever other likes packages are offered. Click on the “Get Started” or “Buy Now” button on the bottom of the package to begin the order checkout. 

Enter your YouTube channel URL address and email address in the appropriate boxes. Click “continue” to proceed to the payment page. If the vendor accepts PayPal, you will get forwarded to the PayPal login page. 

Just enter your PayPal information to log in and submit your payment using the bank or credit card information associated with your PayPal account. You won’t have to enter the credit card information because it is already saved to your PayPal account. This makes the transaction even more secure. 

If the vendor doesn’t accept PayPal, they will accept credit card or debt card payments through a third-party payment processor like Checkout.com. You can trust this type of payment processing service because they are registered and legitimate. Their payment processing servers are 100% secure. 

When your payment has been processed, you should receive a confirmation email in your Inbox from the payment processing service provider and the vendor. If the payment were successful, the YouTube likes would get delivered instantly or gradually. It all depends on which speed you chose for the service. 


Now you understand where and how to buy likes on YouTube. We’ve discussed the best sites to buy 100% authentic YouTube likes from credible vendors. It is essential to purchasing authentic YouTube likes because it will keep your YouTube channel in good standing. We’ve given you all the information necessary to get started. 

There are also some of the sources where you can find best site to buy Youtube views and subscribers for better channel exposure. 

Place the purchased likes on your best quality videos. It will be your best chance of retaining as many of those people as possible. After all, you don’t want them to just click like and then run away forever. It is better to keep them around for a while so they’ll keep coming back on their own. That is how you build organic traffic and likes on a regular basis. 


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