Her post started with a statement that “the news is fake” and a promise that she’s “getting stronger every day.” Then Britney Spears’ missive descended into chaos. She rambled on about wanting to learn how to lie, needing a toothbrush – and an espresso – and being “bitchy” because she was on her period. In the same May 2 Instagram post, the pop star also claimed “paramedics showed up at my door illegally” and left her feeling “harassed” after she twisted her ankle at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont hotel the previous night. “I’m moving to Boston!!!” she concluded her post, signing off with the word peace.

But nothing in Britney’s world has been peaceful lately. After months of holing up inside her sprawling Thousand Oaks, California, mansion making bikini dance videos, Britney enjoyed “a wild trip to Vegas” in late May, filled with “alcohol, food and spas,” she told fans on social media, adding that London and Italy were her next stops. But Britney may need to come down to Earth, a source exclusively tells In Touch: “She could run out of money if she keeps spending the way she’s spending.”

Britney’s existence has been turbulent since late 2021 when a judge ended her conservatorship that ruled her life for more than 13 years. Things grew more frenzied following her 2023 split from third husband Sam Asghari, 30, after which she started dating her house cleaner, convicted felon Paul Richard Soliz. Britney, 42, was worth a reported $60 million a few years ago, says the source, but she’s been hemorrhaging money on trips, clothes, home-upkeep and bills. And in April, she reached a settlement to pay her estranged father and former conservator, Jamie Spears, 72, $2 million for his legal fees. “She’s earning a fraction of what she did in her peak earning years,” says the source. “She’s a social media star now.”

She’s also vowed to “never return to the music industry,” stoking worries for her future. “There’s still a mountain of money she can make if she wants to,” says a source. “She can perform live again, and songwriters continue to pitch music that, if Britney actually recorded it, could be hits.”

As for her claims that she’s moving to Boston, “that just doesn’t make sense,” says the source. “What’s in Boston for Britney? She keeps saying that she’s moving, but she doesn’t explain why or when. So take it with a grain of salt.”

One thing is clear: “Britney is fragile right now and needs help,” says the source. “She can do anything with her life thanks to the work she put in and the fame she achieved starting in her teens, but the path she’s on now is only going to lead to more pain. The scary thing is there’s no plan for the rest of her life.”

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