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Brian Underwood is a passionate entrepreneur and a man of influence who loves to foster that same spirit in others. He is the co-founder and CEO of Prüvit, a leader in the health and wellness space. As a lifestyle brand, Prüvit creates an ecosystem for people looking to live a healthier lifestyle. Founded in 2015, Prüvit operates through direct sales, leveraging the power of community in commerce. Since then, the company has grown exponentially because of Brian’s clear vision, inspiration, and ability to bring people together. 

As the host of the popular Be You with BU podcast streaming on all major platforms, Brian exhibits his role as a true thought leader. Using his personal experience through success and failure, Brian hopes to help aspiring entrepreneurs go further faster. And as his track record shows, he is a driven strategist with much wisdom to share. 

“Get 1% better every day; it’s not about windfall progress, it’s about consistent progress.” he shares with his team. While the last several years with Prüvit have been incredibly prosperous for Brian, it could not have been possible without the preceding 25 years of personal trials and tribulations. He credits all those years prior for preparing him for the success he is seeing now because, without a strong foundation, you cannot carry the weight of winning. It’s easy to look at Prüvit and think they were a sudden success, but you’d be missing the years dedicated to learning and growing through disappointment and failure. That’s why Brian responds to those comments by saying he’s an “overnight success three decades in the making.” 

Brian Underwood
Brian Underwood

Brian Underwood

One of the biggest challenges for aspiring entrepreneurs that Brian sees is that most focus on the “spoils” of being successful instead of the consistency it requires to attain success. When looking for a mentor in business, forget exotic cars, luxury homes, or a private plane; look for current credibility. As an individual that has worked consistently to build an innovative idea into a nine-figure business, Brian is that credibility. Prior to Prüvit, Brian learned the value of not letting the monotony of the daily grind or speed bumps affect his drive. 

As an entrepreneur, failure and overcoming difficulties are two things you must become comfortable with if you want to succeed. Familiarizing yourself with the ups and the downs is necessary to maintain your energy and effort. This business rollercoaster is why Brian reframes failed attempts as learning opportunities, turning a negative situation into positive action. He often takes to social media to share his personal learning lessons over the last three decades because he knows what separates a successful entrepreneur and a successful business from the rest is the ability to interpret those missteps, gather insight, adapt, and grow. 

Coming off one of the most important lessons in his career, Brian built a foundation in the biohacking space by commercializing the first exogenous ketone technology, KETO//OS. Met with overwhelmingly positive feedback, Prüvit had over 17,000 backorders in its first few months. This challenge that would have crushed most startups was overcome by Brian’s prior experiences and solution-oriented mindset. By surrounding himself with a team willing to put in the work behind the scenes, they were able to jump that initial hurdle and many more since then. While impressive revenue is something that the company is immensely proud of, Brian finds that the real value comes from the community that has chosen to be a part of this movement. 

Brian always emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with quality individuals. Empowerment comes from within, but who you choose to work and live your life with ultimately forges the path you are on. His father was his first positive influence in his life, constantly encouraging him to be positive and confident in all his endeavors. Brian passes on that positive influence and all his learning lessons to his followers.  

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