'Little Women: Dallas' Star Bri Barlup Is Expecting Baby No. 2 With, Well, She Doesn't Know


Congrats, Bri Barlup! The Little Women: Dallas star is expecting baby No. 2 — but she reportedly has no idea who the father is. Oops! According to TMZ, Bri is about five months along and claims there are two guys who could potentially be the baby daddy. They will both be taking paternity tests.

Yet now some fans are wondering if the Lifetime personality — who has son, Malik, 3, with ex-boyfriend Wooda — is expecting her second child with the same man. Back in April, Bri was hoping to get back together with him, after all.

During a joint interview — after the two had just posed in a photoshoot together — Wooda laid the truth on Malik's mama. "Nah, we’re not officially a couple," he told the reporter. "It’s one of those things that’s kinda hard to explain… I’d rather not have a title and be happy and live my life." Ouch.

Naturally, Bri — who initially rose to fame on Little Women: Atlanta — wasn't too thrilled with the bombshell. "It’s hard to hear Wooda talk about our relationship," she told Lifetime cameras at the time. "I know he hates titles but it breaks my heart to hear him tell someone else we’re not a couple." It's not yet known whether or not the child will carry the dwarfism gene, something TMZ claims she likely won't know until the baby is born.

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