Billy Ray Cyrus fired back at his estranged wife Firerose days after she accused him of “domestic abuse.” In Touch can exclusively reveal that Billy Ray claims Firerose was the one who got physical with him during their relationship. Firerose denies the claims.

According to court documents obtained by In Touch, Billy Ray, 62, accused Firerose of making her abuse allegations only to “sensationalize her false complaints by using the word ‘abuse.'”

While he acknowledged that he was “certainly vocal, frustrated, and angry” with Firerose in May 2024, “it is the Plaintiff who, in fact has been abused.” His filing added, “Not only verbally and emotionally by [Firerose], but also PHYSICALLY abused by [Firerose].”

He said his personal manager, Scott Adkins, witnessed Firerose’s behavior.

Billy Ray Cyrus Accuses Estranged Wife Firerose of Physically Abusing Him During Marriage

The singer’s lawyer added, “If [Billy Ray] was indeed as abusive as [Firerose] claims, it is mindboggling to try and explain why, upon vacating [Billy Ray’s] premarital residence, [Firerose] would leave [Billy Ray] a handwritten note and then send him a text message stating in her word, ‘I am sorry’ and ‘please give me a chance to make this right. I can explain everything but i need you on my side.'”

A rep for Firerose disputes the claims. They tell us, “[Billy Ray’s] story keeps evolving and this filing is simply another abusive tactic to distract away from the serious, true allegations brought against him and backed by an abundance of evidence.”

They added, “The only individuals backing his false claims are those on his payroll, whose credibility is questionable. The audacity to question a BRCA positive women’s decision to undergo a preventative surgery further shows the kind of cruel manipulation Firerose was subjected to. What Billy Ray fails to recognize is when you have a decades-long history of emotional and psychological abuse, people start to take notice. The truth will come to light.”

In court docs, Firerose accused Billy Ray of filing for divorce one day before she was scheduled to undergo a preventative double mastectomy.

As In Touch previously reported, Billy Ray filed for an annulment in May after less than one year of marriage. He cited “irreconcilable differences” and “inappropriate marital conduct” as the reasons for the divorce.

In court documents, he accused his ex of lying about never being married before.  He said his lawyers found out she had a first husband she never told him about. He also asked for a restraining order prohibiting Firerose from using his credit cards. 

In response, Firerose slammed Billy Ray for allegedly interfering with her music career. She said they had been represented by the same team but all the reps dropped her after the split.

Her lawyer said, “Wife submits that Husband interfered with the contractual relationship between Wife and her representatives. Husband acted maliciously in retaliation in an attempt to ruin Wife’s career.”

Firerose said she lost out on a lead role in a Hallmark movie and several lucrative concerts with Billy Ray.

Billy Ray Cyrus Accuses Estranged Wife Firerose of Physically Abusing Him During Marriage

In his newly filed response, Billy Ray denied messing with Firerose’s career. He claimed Firerose had “absolutely no significant career in the music industry prior to meeting him.” He admitted they had several shows lined up but said the funds are not guaranteed until the show is complete.

His lawyer added, “Clearly, the parties’ relationship ending would result in the parties not performing the shows.”

Billy Ray attached a declaration from his manager Scott to back up his claims about Firerose. The manager said he decided to help Firerose due to Billy Ray being passionate about helping her career. He added, “During my time of representing both Mr. Cyrus and Firerose, I have personally witnessed Firerose speak disrespectfully and acting out of control towards Mr. Cyrus.”

Scott recalled an alleged phone call on March 23, 2024, when Billy Ray told him “Scott, she is hitting me again” while the two were arguing on a vacation. The manager said Billy Ray told him not to call the police.

In addition, he admitted cutting ties with Firerose after the breakup because he “believed Firerose as a solo artist would be unmarketable.” He said Billy Ray had no role in this decision.

The case is ongoing.

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