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Aging is a beautiful part of life. There’s a reason seniors refer to their time as “The Golden Years.” However, getting older also comes with changes, some of which may cause physical and mental challenges, such as sleep troubles, aching bodies and newfound stress.

While common, living with age-related challenges doesn’t have to be an inevitable part of life, which is why many senior women turn to CBD for a more graceful aging process. And one of the most popular ways to take CBD is edibles.

Browse the CBD gummy market and you’ll find endless choices. To help you narrow down a place to start, we’ve compiled a list of the best CBD gummies for senior women.

Benefits of CBD for Senior Women

Using CBD provides people with many perks, including benefits specific to senior women. If you’re experiencing chronic pain, arthritis, trouble sleeping, muscle spasms, anxiety, or chemotherapy symptoms, you may want to consider adding CBD to your daily routine.

CBD may provide arthritis pain relief

Arthritis is a term to describe joint inflammation. There are hundreds of types of arthritis, but common symptoms present in most arthritis are swollen, stiff, or painful joints. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which some studies have found helpful in reducing arthritis symptoms. In one study, CBD patients experienced decreased pain and improved sleep and physical function

CBD may alleviate chronic pain and inflammation

If you don’t have arthritis but suffer from chronic pain, CBD may still help relieve your discomfort. Many older adults experience body aches or may have a chronic condition that can cause physical distress, such as diabetes or heart disease. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may help overall body discomfort. One study found that CBD can alleviate mild to moderate pain for various conditions when combined with THC.

CBD may improve sleep

Nearly 50 percent of adults 60 and older complain of sleep troubles. Trouble sleeping can occur for various reasons, such as anxiety, stress, or physical pain. Some seniors turn to CBD to help them fall and stay asleep because of its ability to relax the body and mind. One study found participants to have improved sleep after a month of consistent CBD use.

CBD may limit chemotherapy symptoms

Unfortunately, cancer risk increases with age, but seniors undergoing chemotherapy may find symptoms relief from using CBD. It’s common for chemotherapy patients to experience gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms, such as nausea and cramps. Some patients find incorporating CBD into their treatment plans helps reduce GI symptoms and provides relaxation to make the chemotherapy more tolerable.

Best CBD Gummies in 2024

Ready to start your CBD journey? Check out our top five choices of CBD edibles for senior women.

Best Overall: MONTKUSH Rosin CBDA Gummies


Relax, recover and improve your overall well-being with MONTKUSH CBD gummies. With 15 mg of CBD per gummy, these strawberry-flavored edibles are our top choice for senior women looking to add CBD to their daily regimen because of their low dosage and great taste. These organic gummies contain CBDA, a precursor to CBD that may support a healthy immune system, reduce inflammation and promote calmness.


  • Subscription pricing is available to save up to 30 percent
  • Vegan
  •  Non-GMO and no pesticides
  •  Made in the USA
  • Laboratory tested for purity and potency


  • CBD Type: Full-spectrum
  • Size: 20, 40, or 60-count container
  • Strength: 15mg of CBD per gummy
  • Flavor: Strawberry

What Customers Say: People who take the MONTKUSH CBD gummies at night say it helps them relax before bed and once they’re in bed, these gummies are the ultimate aid for falling and staying asleep. Many other users say these gummies have been helpful for minor pain relief, especially for discomfort that may be keeping you up at night.

Best for Winding Down: CBDistillery Unwind Synergy+ THC and CBD Gummies


Sometimes CBD isn’t enough to provide the necessary results, especially if you seek something to help you sleep better. That’s where the Unwind Synergy+ THC and CBD Gummies from CBDistillery comes into play! The 5mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC with 25mg of CBD per gummy relaxes the body and restores balance to help you feel rejuvenated. These vegan gummies contain only clean ingredients and come from USA-grown hemp.


  • Subscription pricing is available to save 20 percent
  • Made with clean ingredients and US-grown hemp
  • Tested for quality assurance
  • Vegan


  • CBD Type: Full-spectrum
  • Size: 30-count container
  •  Strength: 25mg of CBD and 5mg of THC per gummy
  • Flavor: Berry

What Customers Say: People love the Unwind Synergy+ THC and CBD Gummies from CBDistillery and say it’s the perfect edible for helping them get a good night’s sleep. Users also find that these edibles are helpful for general relaxation and mellowing their moods. Customers also praise the company for having quick delivery, fair prices and quality products.

Best for Sleep: Zatural Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies


If you’re looking for a CBD gummy to help you sleep without THC, you should try Zatural’s broad-spectrum CBD gummies. Zatural makes their gummies with broad-spectrum CBD oil from organically grown hemp that is Co2 extracted to maintain purity. They’ve also removed all the THC from these gummies, so they’re an excellent option for seniors who can’t are not comfortable having THC.


  • Subscription pricing is available to save up to 20 percent
  • Vegan
  •  Third-party tested
  •  Made in the USA


  • CBD Type: Broad-spectrum
  • Size: 30, 60, or 90-count containers
  • Strength: 20mg of CBD per gummy
  • Flavor: Mixed berry

What Customers Say: People who try these broad-spectrum CBD gummies from Zatural say they’re excellent for helping them fall asleep without any drowsiness or disorientation the following morning. Other users say these gummies are a fantastic way to start the day by relieving stress and tension.  

Most Potent: Koi Complete Full Spectrum CBD Gummies


When you need an extra boost in your gummies, try the Koi Complete full-spectrum CBD gummies. Not only will you experience the calming effects of CBD, but each gummy is enhanced with Delta-9 THC and minor cannabinoids for a more substantial entourage effect. Koi gummies use hemp grown and extracted in the USA, made in a cGMP facility. All products are third-party tested for compliance, purity and consistency.


  • Subscription pricing is available to save 25 percent
  • Third-party tested for compliance, purity and consistency
  • Made with USA-grown hemp


  • CBD Type: Full-spectrum
  • Size: 30-count container
  • Strength: 25mg of CBD and 5mg of THC per serving
  • Flavors: Grape, pineapple and pomegranate

What Customers Say: People who use the Koi Complete CBD gummies say they relieve stress and body aches without sedation. People also enjoy the taste and find the quality of Koi products excellent for the price.

Best Tasting: Joy Organics Organic CBD Gummies

Joy Organics
Joy Organics

People enjoy gummies instead of other CBD forms primarily because of the flavor options, such as the strawberry lemonade and green apple choices from Joy Organics gummies. These THC-free gummies have a tranquil formula that helps you relax, unwind and tackle the day ahead. All Joy Organics products use high-quality CBD and contain only organic and USA-grown ingredients so you can feel confident in what you’re putting into your body.


  • Subscription pricing is available to save 20 percent
  • USDA organic
  • Third-party tested
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • CBD Type: Broad-spectrum
  • Size: 30-count container
  • Strength: 25mg CBD per serving or 10mg CBD per serving
  • Flavors: Strawberry lemonade and green apple

What Customers Say: Unsurprisingly, one of the most popular comments from customers about Joy Organics CBD gummies is how good they taste. Aside from taste, people like how these gummies help them relax and stay focused throughout the day. 

How We Picked the Best CBD Gummies

There’s a lot that we take into consideration before recommending a CBD product. A few essential things we research about a company or product are the production process, customer reviews, product testing and ingredient quality.

Production Process

The production process is about how a company makes its CBD products. First, we like to see companies using hemp legally grown within the USA to ensure the quality of CBD. Next, we learn about a company’s extraction process: how they get CBD from hemp. The most common extraction process is CO2, which is safe and creates potent CBD.


We always consider customer comments when reviewing CBD gummies to get a true sense of the product. CBD can affect everyone differently and verified customer reviews are an excellent way to understand most people’s experience using a CBD gummy. We want to see customers experiencing the benefits that the product claims with limited side effects.

Reviews also give insight into the company. They can let us know how a brand’s customer service is and if there are any shipping or delivery obstacles that users are experiencing. We want to see customers enjoy the entire process with a CBD product, not only the results from taking a gummy.


CBD products are a supplement and unfortunately, the Federal Drug and Food Administration (FDA) doesn’t heavily regulate the industry. You’ll notice all of the products we include in our roundup are third-party or independently tested. Testing means the company had a lab test the gummies to ensure the potency and quality of their product. Lab testing verifies gummies contain the amount of CBD that the brand advertises. Testing also makes sure there are no heavy metals, pesticides, or toxins that may be harmful.

Quality Ingredients

Since people consume CBD, we want to ensure the products we share have quality ingredients, including USA-grown hemp, organic elements, or all-natural ingredients. In addition to checking what products have, we look at ingredient lists to ensure CBD gummies do not contain too many synthetic components.

What to Look For When Buying CBD

As you grow more comfortable exploring CBD products, there are a few things you may want to consider as you shop to ensure you’re choosing the best option for you.


The potency is how much CBD, THC and other active ingredients are in a gummy. Most products will share how much CBD is in a container and how much is in a serving or gummy. If you’re new to CBD, you may want to start with a gummy with a low potency, around 10 to 15mg of CBD. If you’re a more experienced CBD user, you can try something with a higher strength, about 20 to 25mg of CBD.

Some CBD products may contain THC, which is the compound found in cannabis that’s most associated with feeling high. Most individuals need a lower dose of THC to feel the effects, so you may want to start with 2 to 5 mg of THC until you know how your body will react.

What it helps

Most CBD products will help with relaxation and overall wellness, but companies create some products to help with specific ailments. Sometimes a gummy may have CBN or THC for additional sleep help, or you may find oil with added anti-inflammatory ingredients to aid swelling and discomfort. You can also read the description of a product to learn more about its features and what it’s meant to assist with.


While gummies are one of the more popular forms of CBD, many other types are available. Some people don’t enjoy gummies because they can’t find one with a taste they like, so they prefer oils or capsules. Others prefer creams or lotions because they relieve an aching body part. It may take you trying different forms to find what you like but know there are plenty of options to fit your needs.


If you’ve taken an unflavored gummy or naturally flavored oil, you’ve probably noticed it has an earthy taste that isn’t for everyone. If that hemp taste doesn’t appeal to you, look for CBD oils and gummies that come in a flavor. While not all flavors can mask the hemp taste, many people find flavored CBD products to taste significantly better.


The best way to see results is to use a CBD product consistently. Most CBD products come in a month’s supply, which means if you’re using the product daily, you’re going to be purchasing the product monthly. To cut down on the cost, many companies offer subscription pricing. Most subscriptions include free shipping and lower prices per product, saving you anywhere from 10 to 25 percent per order.

If you’re new to CBD and trying a few products to see which works best, look for companies offering a money-back guarantee. That way, if you try something that isn’t providing the necessary benefits, you can return it and get your money back without the fear of wasting money on products that don’t work for you.

What is CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many compounds in marijuana, but unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it does not cause a high. CBD is mainly associated with its calming and anti-inflammatory properties. As of 2018, hemp-derived CBD is federally legal, although some states have different laws regulating the sale and use of CBD.

Benefits of CBD

One of the primary reasons people use CBD is to relieve stress and help them relax without the high that happens when using THC. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system to calm the nervous system. Since CBD promotes relaxation, many people use it to help them sleep.

CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties, making it an excellent option for pain relief. Many people will use CBD rubs or creams to reduce minor swelling or pain throughout the body. Athletes also use CBD to promote muscle recovery after intense workouts.

Types of CBD

There are three primary types of CBD.

  • Full-Spectrum is when CBD contains other naturally occurring compounds in hemp, such as terpenes, flavonoids, essential oils and minor amounts of THC.
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD is similar to full-spectrum but undergoes an additional extraction to remove all THC.
  • Isolate is the purest form of CBD and does not contain THC or any other hemp plant compounds.

Forms of CBD

There are different ways to take CBD and companies can infuse it into nearly anything. A few popular ways to take CBD include gummies, oils and topicals.

  • Oils: One of the most common forms of CBD is oil. You can take the CBD Oil orally by measuring your dose using a dropper and placing it under your tongue, or you can add the oil to a beverage, such as coffee or tea.
  • Gummies/Edibles: Gummies or edibles are CBD-infused candies or treats with a pre-measured amount of CBD per piece. Many people prefer gummies and edibles because they’re discreet and easy to take.
  •  Topicals: Sometimes CBD is infused in lotions, creams and rubs called topicals. Topicals are most popular to ease targeted discomfort by rubbing the topical into the skin where you feel pain.

Side Effects of CBD

Some people do experience side effects when using CBD. Before you start a CBD regimen, talk to your doctor to ensure it’s safe, especially if you take any medications, as CBD may poorly interact with other drugs, such as antidepressants.

Common CBD side effects include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Mood swings
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Dry mouth

You may want to consider lowering your dosage if you experience any of these side effects when using CBD. If side effects persist or you’re taking other medications, stop using CBD and consult a doctor to ensure no underlying issues are causing the reaction.


Is CBD legal?

Yes, CBD is federally legal. Congress passed the Agriculture Improvement Act into law in 2018 that removed hemp from the Controlled Substance Act. However, some states restrict the types of CBD products that people may purchase, primarily based on if there’s THC in the product and how much. 

Can CBD alone help with anxiety?

CBD can potentially treat anxiety symptoms but should not be a replacement for the medical treatment of anxiety or anxiety disorders.

Will CBD make me high?

CBD products will not make you high. Unless otherwise noted on the container, most CBD products contain less than 0.3 percent THC, the cannabis compound that causes a high. A product containing less than 0.3 percent THC cannot cause a high. However, if a product has more than that, you may feel the euphoric effect.

CBD could be your solution, whether you’re a senior woman who needs help falling asleep or seeking an aide to relieve some lingering joint pain. Always start with the recommended dosage instructions and talk to your doctor before starting any CBD regimen to ensure it’s safe, especially if you’re taking prescription medications.

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