First mate Gary King and chief stew Daisy Kelliher did more than just make out in a hot tub during season 3 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. The midseason trailer, which dropped on Monday, June 5, revealed they secretly hooked up. The revelation will go on to impact her budding relationship with the ship’s chief engineer and Gary’s best friend, Colin MacRae.

“You could have had me a million times over and you didn’t want me. Now that you can’t have me, now you f–king want me,” Daisy is heard telling Gary as scenes of her making out with Colin are shown. The couple’s burgeoning romance was revealed at the end of the May 29 episode, as the pair made out then crawled into bed together.

Gary then tells Daisy, “Having sex with you was f–king amazing,” as she responded in a hushed voice, “Shut the f–k up,” as this is news to the show’s viewers as well as their crew mates.

Colin and Daisy are seen in bed together where he incredulously asks her, “You f–ked Gary?” with the pair later arguing in her cabin with him telling her he thinks it’s ‘bulls–t” that they secretly hooked up.

“The chemistry that they have, the way that they look at each other, I thought it was all friends. It all makes sense now,” an angry Colin says in a confessional over scenes of Gary and Daisy’s playful hugs, kisses and other flirtations.

The Ireland native even appears to get her lovers’ names mixed up at one point, as she tells Colin, “Gary stop! Why are you in my bed?”

“There’s two of you in my head. You’re both f–king with my head. I want you out of my head,” Daisy is seen angrily telling someone who is just off screen.

While Gary has been hooking up with junior stew Mads Herrera during season 4, Daisy looking noticeably hurt when the pair made out in front of her on the van ride back from a group dinner in the May 29 episode. Later that evening, Colin and Daisy had a surprising make out session aboard the Parsifal III.

Gary told In Touch exclusively that he was shocked by Daisy and his best friend’s romance. “Maybe Colin’s just a better person than I am. Maybe Daisy sees something more in him that she sees in me,” he explained, noting he wasn’t bitter about it.

“The only thing I can do is be supportive. They’re both good friends of mine, but it did come as a massive shock to me,” the mariner continued about how he was caught off-guard. Gary added that of the pair getting together, “Colin had a girlfriend in the previous seasons. He came into this season as a single man.”

Daisy revealed to In Touch exclusively that the South Africa native should have tried harder to pursue her if he wanted a romance. “I felt like Gary came to me with his feelings a little bit too late and things may have been different if he had been more upfront in the past, but he didn’t, so that kind of set that record straight,” she explained.

The Dublin native also teased that she and Colin would have a “complicated and a long journey ahead” as the season progressed, which is happening with the news that she and Gary previously hooked up.

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