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We rarely feel like our concealer is doing enough. We pack it on, layer after layer, but it’s like our dark under-eye circles are black holes, just sucking all of the brightness up. Plus, caked-on makeup is never cute. So what are we doing wrong? Are we just doomed to dark circles for the rest of our lives?

First of all, we’re not doing anything wrong, so let’s not think like that. It’s more that we’re missing something we may have not even known existed. Know how when we’re doing our nails, we have to start off with a base coat before we get to the main color, and then finish off with a top coat for the best results? Our under-eye routine should be similar. If our foundation is the top coat and our concealer is the main color — we’re going to need a base coat underneath!

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The BECCA Under-Eye Brightening Corrector is the base coat we’ve been missing that will change our beauty routine forever. This full-coverage cream has over 300 reviewers praising it for its seemingly magical capabilities. “Nothing compares,” one said, while another called it “the best under-eye concealer [they’ve] used in the last 20 years.” Even professional makeup artists are commenting on how this product gives their clients an “instant 8-hour sleep” refresh! One shopper said this is their go-to for taking “five years” off their face, while others commented on how it “lasts ages,” both in the pot and once applied on their face!

This under-eye corrector claims to “instantly brighten” dark circles, seriously leaving us looking airbrushed to perfection. PhotoShop who? No filters or edits necessary here! This product is infused with “ultrafine light-reflecting illuminators” that may create a luminous base for the rest of our makeup, reflecting light to make our skin look bright and our bags lifted!

before and after 2

See it: Get the BECCA Under-Eye Brightening Corrector at Amazon! Also available at Nordstrom!

This corrector may not only brighten up our under-eye area, but also smooth it out to conceal fine lines and wrinkles, never settling into them to accentuate them further as other products often do. It may also color-correct to create an evened-out skin tone so when we do follow up with our concealer, it won’t turn into a balancing game of how much each individual eye needs versus the other!

To use this product to get our very own #BECCABrightEyes, we can just swipe a bit out of the pot with our fingers, warming it between them, and gently pat and blend it under our eye. No brush necessary, which means less brush cleaning! Follow up with concealer, if even necessary at that point. Some shoppers also noted that they like to use it on their eyelid too for an all-over glow! They say there’s no greasiness, cakiness or heavy feeling — just youthful radiance!

This brightener is currently available in two shades, but may cover a variety of skin tones. It’s paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free and cruelty-free, and it’s made in the USA! If we’re feeling like we want to stock up, now’s a great time, because any BECCA purchase of $40 will come with deluxe samples while supplies last. We can’t imagine ever not wanting our under-eye area to be bright, so stocking up sounds like a plan to us!

See it: Get the BECCA Under-Eye Brightening Corrector at Amazon! Also available at Nordstrom!

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