People often think that being a star and celebrity only entails the glam and glitz they see. However, if you ask any star out there — Justin Awad, for example — there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes.

With over 2 million followers across all his social media platforms, Justin is no stranger to the spotlight. There is a lot of hard work and sweat that needs to be poured in to get to the top.

“Being a star is not just about enjoying fame and money,” says Justin. “Stardom also requires a lot of hard work and dedication. It’s something I have learned firsthand on my journey.”

Justin Awad is a YouTube and TikTok creator who has become a social media sensation thanks to his creative, hilarious, and engaging approach to interviewing strangers on the street. He became famous for asking people random but interesting general trivia questions and receiving hilarious answers, from those believing Jesus’ birthday is on March 6th to those believing if a person was born ten years ago, they would be 13 years old today.

Thanks to his charm and wit, Justin’s videos have racked up hundreds of millions of views, and Justin amassed nearly 2 million followers in the past two years. Still, he didn’t stop there as he capitalized on his success by building a custom shirt brand called Yes&Co.

“It takes grit to go after your dreams and stay focused no matter what obstacles come your way. You have to push yourself to stay motivated and on track while still finding ways to balance your education and career aspirations.”

Still, Justin’s newfound fame is only one side of the coin. Besides being a famous content creator, Justin is working towards becoming a doctor. According to Justin, we all have a duty to bring good things into our world, and he’s just doing his part.

“I hope to be in family medicine one day because I believe that’s the most needed and practical specialty, and I can reach and help the most people possible that way,” he says.

When asked why he never quit formal education, Justin says that he believes education should be everyone’s priority and wants to spread awareness about the importance of making time for both. His number one tip? Time management and discipline.

“When I do have free time, instead of watching movies or playing video games with my friends, I invest my time into content creation which is something else I enjoy.”

In addition to staying organized, he suggests setting goals for yourself to work towards to stay motivated actively. This could include setting deadlines for yourself for when specific tasks need to be completed or simply scheduling out your day so that there is enough time allocated for both schoolwork and creating content.

Justin also emphasizes the importance of taking breaks from work to keep your mind refreshed throughout the day. Having a fresh and rested mind is essential for both personal and professional success.

When we are feeling tired, our cognitive abilities decline significantly. This includes our ability to focus and concentrate, process information, make decisions, and retain new information. Moreover, being mentally fatigued can also lead to an increase in stress levels which can have a negative impact on our physical and mental health.

“Burnout is no joke; it can have serious consequences if you don’t take the time to rest, recharge, and recuperate,” he says. “Taking just 10 minutes every couple of hours can help reduce stress and give you a much-needed break from studying or creating content online. Without proper downtime, your creativity, productivity, and energy levels will suffer — so make sure to take breaks to stay at the top of your game!”

Justin’s final advice to aspiring stars is simple: don’t give up on your dreams, no matter how demanding the journey may be. It takes time and dedication to become successful, but with hard work and discipline, it is possible.

He knows from experience how difficult it can be to manage schoolwork while pursuing success online. Still, he hopes his tips will help aspiring content creators achieve their goals without sacrificing their education.

“I believe that there is a time and season for everything because nothing happens overnight,” says Justin.”If you work hard enough, want it bad enough, and believe in yourself, you can still do and achieve anything — even your wildest dreams.”

Written in partnership with Kate Marshall


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