Listen, we get it. Not everyone loves being around their family on the holidays. Or, some people have nowhere to go on Christmas, and they’re looking for some reason to get out of the house. Or maybe you don’t celebrate Christmas at all, and would just rather be sitting in a bar, brewski in hand. We’ve got you covered.

What Bars Are Open on Christmas Day?

Obviously, not everyone celebrates Christmas. So it would be foolish for every bar, all over the country, to shut down for the holiday. There’s still money to be made, after all.

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Every city is going to be different, of course, but if you’re looking to find an open, local bar on December 25, look no further than your favorite search engine. A quick Google should tell you what nearby taverns have Christmas hours if you’re looking to stop in, for whatever personal reasons you have not to be sitting at home that day.

Plus, there are a whole lot of chain restaurants that serve alcohol that should be open on Christmas!

Which Restaurant Chains With Bars Are Open on Christmas Day?

Quite a few, actually! Benihana, for instance, may have Christmas hours. Obviously, times may vary by location, and drink menus may differ as well. But if you’re looking to recreate The Office‘s Benihana Christmas episode, this is as close as you’re gonna get.

Some Hard Rock Cafes are also supposed to have Christmas hours, and it has a great drink menu. Again, check your local restaurants to be sure of when they’re actually open the day of.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House also has alcohol, and some locations may be open on the holiday. And technically, Buffalo Wild Wings is open until 2 a.m. on Christmas Day, after staying open from 11 a.m. on Christmas Eve. Most locations seem to be closed the rest of the day, but it can’t hurt to call your local franchise to check.

Finally, many Applebees may be open on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, according to TODAY. But it’s all up to the store managers, so this is definitely one restaurant you’re gonna want to call ahead and check with first.

Happy holidays!

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