We love this little mocha cub! There are few shows that can actually boast that it got better after the introduction of a baby — that is definitely the case for Scrubs, which first introduced the second generation of Sacred Heart with the one and only Isabella “Izzy” Turk!

As soon as we met the little gherkin, we fell in love with Scrub’s little half-black, half-Latina princess! But what even die-hard fans of the show may not realize is that the role is actually covered by two girls — sisters Alannah and Leilani Powell — who are actually two-thirds of a set of triplets. (Sadly, their brother didn’t grace the screen with them.) And from the looks of their parents, Anthony’s and Bonnie’s, Instagrams, today, they’re your average preteens (who happen to look exactly what we’d expect Carla and Turk’s daughter to look like)!

Not gonna lie — after seeing how much these girls have grown, we’re totally rooting for a reboot about Izzy and Sam Dorian, J.D.’s son (who we know by now ends up married to Izzy in the faraway future as seen in the Season 8 finale). And it turns out, at least some of the original cast would be down to return for a reboot! In a December 2017 interview, the one and only Christopher Duncan Turk — aka Donald Faison — dished on what he’d like to see before committing to another reunion.

“It would have to take everybody to come back to do the reboot,” he confessed to Page Six. “Not just the cast, but also the producers and the writers to make it work, in my opinion. So I’m not saying it’s not going to happen, but I’m not saying it is either.”

Well, once they’re all down, we’re most definitely down! That’s what’s up! Get even more Scrubs in your life by checking out the video below!

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