For those who have binged Surviving R. Kelly, you may recognize the name Azriel Clary. The 22-year-old was one of R. Kelly’s former live-in girlfriends, who remained loyal to the 53-year-old despite the mounting charges of sexual misconduct against him. One of the main themes of the documentary was Angelo and Alice Clary’s fight to be united with their daughter. Although Clary has made some strong allegations against her parents, it seems like she has changed her tune since moving out of Kelly’s Trump Tower Condo.

Azriel Clary Explainer

Following the release of the documentary, she demonstrated her support for the disgraced artist by showing up to court hearings and even pleading his innocence on CBS This Morning with Gayle King. While talking to King in March 2019, Clary claimed her parents knew where she was all along and continued to maintain a relationship with her.

According to King, Angelo believes his daughter is brainwashed. “My parents have actually came to Chicago and seen me a few times. They’ve — I’ve talked to them. They stopped answering my calls,” she said after they spoke out against her relationship with the controversial R&B singer. “I wouldn’t look [my dad] in the eye because he’s a liar. He’s a manipulative liar.” She went on to claim her parents were trying to extort money from Kelly.

Since Clary made the harsh allegations against her parents, it seems like they have found a way to come together. Following Clary’s move out of Trump Tower, she shared a sweet Twitter exchange with her father. “I need a hug. And, truthfully, I wouldn’t care if it came from a person living on the street at this point. If you see me, hug me,” she wrote on December 29. “Your daddy has the biggest hug for you, and it’s here for you at any time!!!” Angelo responded. “I love you deeply, my queen!!! The world will always make you feel a certain way, but it’s up to you to keep your head up and bless people that support you!!” Seems like things are moving in a positive direction.

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