Little People, Big World alums Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff welcomed their third childRadley Knight Roloff, to the world on Tuesday, November 9, revealing that their second son was born “en caul,” also known as a “veiled birth.” 

“It’s a BOY!!! Welcome to the world Radley Knight Roloff. Born 11.8.21 at 6:32 am 9.1 lbs 21.5 in and born en caul which was wild!” Audrey, 30, shared on her Instagram, along with a slideshow of photos of their new little one. “I can’t wait to share his birth story with you soon.”

An en caul birth is a rare occurrence in which a baby is born while still inside an intact amniotic sac — and it only occurs in 1 in 80,000 births, according to an article published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. The soft, almost gelatinous, amniotic sac is filled with mostly water while inside the womb and fills with amniotic fluid after conception. That fluid is what protects the baby and keeps them warm as they grow. 

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff with baby No. 3
Audrey Roloff/Instagram

Usually, at the start of labor, the amniotic sac will rupture, which is typically referred to as a pregnant person’s “water breaking,” according to the Mayo Clinic. 

After delivering a baby en caul, there is plenty of air for the baby, and they are still receiving oxygen-rich blood via the umbilical cord. According to WebMD, after an en caul birth, a doctor or midwife will simply snip the sac open to remove the baby.

Since they are so rare, Healthline reports that most delivery doctors never witness an en caul birth in their career. 

Many cultures believe that this type of rare birth is spiritual and can be seen as “a sign of good luck for both baby and parents. Some families dry and keep the caul as an heirloom. According to folklore, babies born en caul can never drown, and whoever has possession of the preserved caul can avoid drowning as well — and were often sold to sailors

“We are so grateful to God for answering so many specific prayers in regards to this labor and delivery. A word that I had been praying over this birth was ‘harmony,'” Audrey wrote about the birth. “And it truly was one of the most harmonious experiences.”

“[Audrey] showed immense strength and surrender and I’m completely amazed at her,” Jeremy, 31, who also shares Ember, 4, and Bode, 21 months, with his wife, shared on Instagram. “The Roloff household is healthy and full of joy, thank you all for the prayers and well wishes.”

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