Though Audrey Roloff has had an easy time so far with baby Bode, dealing with the effects her second pregnancy had on her body has been a little tougher. While chatting with Us Weekly, the former Little People, Big World star opened up about the complications that she’s been struggling with. In addition to her symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), she’s also contracted mastitis four times. Luckily, her doctors are starting to work with her to figure out what her road to recovery looks like.

“I actually had an X-ray today,” Audrey, 28, shared. “Just to give me an, ‘OK, this is about how much longer rest and recovery you have before you can resume normal activities,’ which of course I want to do, but I don’t want to cause any long-term damage to my body.”

Audrey Roloff Dealing With Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction Diagnosis Long Term Effects
Courtesy of Audrey Roloff/Instagram

As a runner, she’s frustrated by not being able to get back into the habit. And though she shared that her SPD is manageable, she admitted it is impacting her daily life. “It’s totally bearable pain. I can walk around fine,” she said. “It’s just going up and down the stairs or standing on one leg or [walking] really far distances [when] it really hurts.”

The problem is that she’s not just dealing with joint pain in her pelvic region, she’s dealing with “what [her] doctor and chiropractor are calling … essentially separation of your pelvis.” She explained, “[It] is a normal thing to an extent in labor and pregnancy. Of course, you want the baby to come out, so that does happen, but mine just hasn’t gone back. So my hips and pubic bone just hurt really bad still.”

That’s in addition to the “reoccurring mastitis,” a breast tissue infection, which has been a major pain in the butt for the star. On February 18, the “Behind the Scenes” podcast host opened up on Instagram about what it’s like continually trying to keep the condition at bay. “You could say I’m a professional at fighting this beast now,” she joked. But at least this issue is one she’s had experience with in the past.

Though the mom of two revealed she’s had “a lot more hip pain this time” than she did in or after her first pregnancy with daughter Ember, the infection was a regular concern then, too. “Since delivering Ember, I struggled with mastitis on and off,” she shared in January 2018. “I was severely engorged. … It took me a solid two months, maybe two and a half months before I really started to see an increase in my supply and breastfeeding became a lot easier.” Thankfully, life eventually returned to normal after her first birth — and it seems she’s working with doctors to get back on track after baby No. 2, too.

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