Too funny! Audrey Roloff pulled a funny prank on Jeremy and caught the entire thing on her Instagram Stories. Known as the “influencer challenge,” the former Little People, Big World star pretended she was taking a selfie video but had the camera turned toward the 30-year-old. She then started spouting off a bunch of lies about her daily routine and her husband’s reaction is priceless.

“So a lot of you guys are asking how I keep our house so clean,” she started. “I usually get up every day around five in the morning and clean the whole house. I pick up everything on the floor, in the kitchen, I do the laundry. I like to do the laundry every day of the week because then I can just stay on top of it.”

@audreyroloff / Instagram

At the time, the TLC alum was working on his computer and didn’t react to the mom of two’s claims … until the very end, that is. “I also like to get some work done in the morning so I usually get up at five and make coffee,” she continued. “I make coffee for the whole family.” Insert Jeremy’s death glare here.

Immediately the 29-year-old broke into a fit of laughter, and honestly, we did, too. The mom of two later shared the video as an Instagram post and wrote, “Still actually crying laughing when I rewatch this and all the other #influencerchallenge videos. Took my enneagram nine husband who CAN. NOT. multitask a little while to finally catch on … but the coffee comment put him into a rage.”

“And to those of you DMing me asking if I actually wake up at five to clean the house … bless you,” she added. “If you haven’t done this to your husband yet here’s how you do it. Start filming your husband but act like your filming yourself and just tell a bunch of bold face lies until they notice. Helps if you take credit for things they do.”

We’ve got her hilarious prank and more — including Tori and Zach Roloff‘s romantic date night on the farm together and Jackson and Lilah‘s cute bonding moment — in this week’s “Roloff Report.” Check it out in the video above.

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