Audrey Roloff Tells off Mommy-Shamers Following Backlash Over How She Dresses Ember


Another day, another mommy-shamer! Audrey Roloff is getting dragged on social media again and the Little People, Big World star is not having it. She recently posted a sweet photo with her daughter, Ember, and it didn't take long before her followers began criticizing how she was dressing her little one. Watch the video below to see why her fans are not happy with her latest mothering style!

Yikes! Even though a lot of the commenters might have been coming from a good place, their efforts were definitely not taken well by the star. She later posted a photo on her Instagram story and captioned it, "To whom it may concern: I really don't need you to tell me how to dress my child thank you." You tell them, Auj!

But, not everyone saw it the same way as the reality star. One fan wrote, "you post public pictures you should expect criticism. You are a public figure by choice." While another fan supported her choice to be able to care for her daughter as she saw fit. "You're obviously a great mama and doing the best for that sweet little girl. Don't listen to those people 😒- they have nothing better to do than try to tear people down," the fan wrote. We hope fans will stop criticizing the star!

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