Once again, Audrey Roloff is under fire. This time, it's because fans think some of her health advice could be dangerous to fans after she used strictly natural remedies to help cure a sinus infection, rather than going to the doctors. Because so many people faithfully follow the Little People, Big World star's Instagram advice, people are calling her suggestions "dangerous."

"Still fighting this sinus crap, had to make an extra order of this this month!" Audrey wrote alongside a photo of an "inner defense" essencial oil supplement. She went on to show videos of herself holding her head over a steaming pot with eucalyptus and tee tree infused water, chugging apple cider vinegar, and using garlic extract tablets and a sinus rinse. There's nothing wrong with trying to treat your illness naturally, but fans think after being sick for several weeks, Audrey should turn to a medical professional for real medicine.

"Maybe you’re still fighting it because you need antibiotics, Audrey. Like, from a doctor," wrote someone on reddit. Others agreed, writing, "I mean, this probably helps….WITH the aid of an antibiotic. There are just some things that require medicine from the western world Audrey." But this person's concern wasn't so much about Audrey as it was about her followers and daughter: "People like her have a dangerous influence over those who follow her advice/opinion," they wrote. "She is ridiculous, and the scary thing is that she will probably withhold necessary medical care from her daughter in the future. I like essential oils for relaxation/stress relief, but I wouldn't use them in place of going to a doctor."

Let's hope that's not true! Of course, Audrey may already be taking antibiotics, or went to a doctor and was told she didn't need them, but perhaps she shuld mention that too if it's the case. Then again, this is the woman who called using baby formula "a sin," so…

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