Arrow star Stephen Amell and his wife have reached a settlement in their years long battle with their L.A. neighbors, In Touch can exclusively report.

According to court documents obtained by In Touch, Stephen, 43, and his wife, Cassandra, informed the court that “this case has settled in its entirety.

The parties are in the process of finalizing the settlement agreements.”

The motion added, “[Stephen and Cassandra] anticipate that requests for dismissal will be filed” before September 2. The trial date had been set for August 13, 2025.

Stephen and Cassandra sued their neighbors Kristen Stavola and Jeremy Gardiner in 2022.

'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell Settles War With Neighbor Over Cats and Dogs Ahead of Trial
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In the suit, Stephen said his neighbors run a pet adoption/foster company called Rescues Rock Inc. Stephen and his wife said their neighbors ran the company out of their home. In court documents, the actor accused his neighbors of running the company illegally because the property was only zoned for residential use.

The suit claimed the neighbors had over 60 animals on their property, including 18 dogs and several cats. In the original lawsuit, Stephen said he was worried about diseases from the animals and complained about the constant noise coming from the home. He noted that the animals had disrupted his wife and their newborn child’s sleep schedule.

The actor claimed he tried to have conversations with the neighbors, but their talks went nowhere.

Stephen asked the court to shut down the animal shelter.

On September 14, 2022, Rescue Rocks said following a court hearing, “Rescues Rock is pleased that on September 13, 2022, the Court denied Stephen and Cassandra Amells’ baseless request for an emergency injunction shutting down Rescues Rock’s important mission promoting animal welfare, education, and rescues.”

They added, “We look forward to proving, in Court, that the Amells’ claims lack merit, and that their bullying tactics have no place in our closely knit community.”

The company launched a GoFundMe to raise money. They ended, “We have started a GoFundMe campaign so we can pay the attorneys and experts who have been supporting our effort to keep our focus on the animals and rebuff these meritless allegations. Any support anyone can give us is so very much appreciated.”

'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell Settles War With Neighbor Over Cats and Dogs Ahead of Trial
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The company argued, “[Stephen and Cassandra] attempt to insert additional prohibitions into this Code, claiming that under no circumstances can a business be run out of a residential zone. There is nothing in the language of the Code that says this. In fact, Cross-Defendants operate several businesses out of CrossDefendants’ Property, including a wine company and multiple podcasts.”

In addition, they said, “Rescues Rock has never been cited by any City of Los Angeles Agency for operating an illegal, unlicensed, or unpermitted kennel at the Rescues Rock Property.”

They continued, “During the past seven years, Animal Control officers from Los Angeles Animal Services (“LAAS”) and Los Angeles Police Department’s Animal Cruelty Task Force have inspected the Rescues Rock Property on three to four occasions. These agencies have never identified a single violation at the Rescues Rock Property. Specifically, LAAS has investigate [Stephen and Cassandra’s] unfounded complaints that Rescues Rock operated an illegal ‘kennel.’ After the investigation, LAAS did not deem Rescues Rock to be operating a ‘kennel’—because it is not a kennel.”

The couple even had other neighbors file declarations to back up their claims. One neighbor wrote, “As a resident of this neighborhood for more than 25 years, I have an intimate understanding and awareness of the ongoings in this community. Any claims that Defendants, or any of them, are causing problems for this community/neighborhood, especially regarding any claims of excessive noise and/or unbearable odors, are unfounded. The same cannot be said of the Amells, who have disrupted the relative peaceful coexistence that the neighbors in this community shared before the Amells moved in around 2015.”

The case will be closed once the settlement is officially finalized.

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