A seed of positivity that you plant today can be felt tomorrow, the day after, and the day after that. Join Arabelle Yee today as she embarks on the journey of making this world a better place.

Human beings impact each other’s lives in miraculous ways. Small acts such as smiling at a stranger or asking the cashier at the grocery store how their day is going, can completely change the trajectory of their day.

The best part is the impact of a positive interaction goes far beyond what you’d initially think. Like a domino effect, it can be felt days, even weeks after. Sometimes, a random act of kindness is remembered many years later.

With that being the case, imagine what would happen if instead of one positive interaction, there were three? Or four? Or five? What if you dedicated your whole life to uplifting and supporting others?

The impact of your actions would be immense and help to build communities or networks of people that are inspired by you and dedicated to spreading positivity to the world in their own unique ways. How cool would that be?

One person who recognizes the impact of helping others in shaping our world to be a better place, is Arabelle Yee. She is an entrepreneur, certified psychotherapist, and transformational life coach who specializes in helping people step into the highest version of themselves.

There are 195 countries in the world, and her teachings have touched down in more than half of them. Arabelle has taught nearly 45,000 individuals in 110 countries how to build emotional intelligence and increase wealth.

She has specific programs in place for people to take action and implement the life changing teachings they are receiving, such as her courses on self-love, boundaries, and upgrading your life. Her most popular master class, Integrating the Millionaire Identity, is about becoming the most powerful version of yourself to attract wealth into all areas of your life.

“A lot of people let their current situations define them, and you can see that especially in an environment where they believe that life has to be hard,” Arabelle says. “Suddenly, if you want to break out of that environment, everyone around you who doesn’t hold that vision or dream for you will tell you it’s not possible and to take a hard, long look at your life.”

But the first thing Arabelle teaches her clients is to realize that your current situation has nothing to do with where you’re going. Instead, it’s just a result of an accumulation of all the choices that you have made in the past, based on your old beliefs, environment, and patterns.

Arabelle Yee

“To embody that million-dollar version of you is to realize that first, and the next step is to change the identity in which you operate from, because the version of you that already made a million dollars is very different from the current version of yourself right now.”

There’s no doubt that Arabelle puts an undeniable level of care, attention, and love into each of her masterclasses to help you transform your life, and you must be wondering why. Why would someone want to help other people so badly?

Prior to becoming the multi-million-dollar brand that she is today, at a certain point in her life, Arabelle struggled to make ends meet and knew that things needed to change. With a young child to support on her own, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She started by changing her mindset, which in turn changed her identity and perception of what’s possible.

“When I had my child, that was the moment where I really had to look at everything that was happening in my life, because I wanted to be the kind of parent who walks her talk. I wanted to be the kind of parent who doesn’t just tell her child what to do, but actually embodies the qualities and characteristics that I want them to have,” she shares.

Arabelle’s $1.58M in 12 Months masterclass is where she shares her personal experience of growing her income from $2,000 a month to 1.58M in one year, as a single mom with no support. This course is about consistency, taking the right steps to make your dreams a reality, and reality taking action.

Many times, people are stuck in an ‘in-between phase,’ where they know they are destined for something better, but they just don’t know how to get there. If you can relate to that, you may benefit from her masterclass called The Void, which helps people to restore faith in themselves and the world around them, so they can lead themselves into a better version of their life.

Because her teachings are so effective, Arabelle has not only built a community with students in 110 countries across the world, but she has built a global network of inspired individuals online who are dedicated to making their lives better.

On Youtube, Arabelle has over 20,000 organic subscribers, where she shares advice and tools in multiple areas, such as how shifting your energy can transform your life. Her expertise in personal development and manifestation has been featured in prominent media outlets including The Huffington Post, Leader in Heels, Lifehack, The Tao of Self Confidence podcast, and more.

Named by the NYC Journal as one of twenty inspiring women to look out for in 2023, Arabelle Yee has helped 800,000 engaged followers across her social media platforms to change their lives for the better. To join her on a journey of changing the world, check out Arabelle Yee on Instagram or LinkedIn, and visit her website to sign up for a masterclass!

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