She’s not having it! Amy Roloff wants fans to know that she has never faked drama on Little People, Big World just for the cameras — despite what her ex-husband Matt Roloff has claimed. The 56-year-old went live with her friend Lisa Dixon on Instagram on September 11 to talk about the upcoming episodes of LPBW and both ladies seemingly threw shade at the 58-year-old.

“I have never been in a position when we filmed that it’s scripted or ‘let’s cause drama here’ or ‘do this’ — it’s not like that,” Lisa explained. “So for people to have mentioned that, other cast members, maybe that’s what they do, but that’s not what you do.”

Amy chimed in, adding, “It doesn’t come from me … Since day one, I’ve always struggled with that … because the cameras are in my face, I don’t want to be a different person than what I am in everyday life.”

Without explicitly naming names, it’s pretty obvious that the women are referring to Matt, who has claimed on multiple occasions that he has faked drama for TV. Back in April, the TLC patriarch said an argument he got into with his ex-wife on the April 14 episode of the show was just a farce!

Amy Roloff
@amyjroloff / Instagram

“When Amy and I argued about whether it’s a neck or a flag lot, we were just trying to make television,” Matt said. “We know that those are the kinds of arguments back-and-forth that create interest and people like to hear.”

He went on to say, “Unfortunately, some people don’t get the humor in all that, they take it real seriously, they get mad at one of us, but it’s all just sort of poking each other in the rib to create some drama.”

“I like to joke with people that I don’t do drama in normal life, I like to only get paid for my drama,” the father-of-four added. “So, when we’re doing the show, we create drama. And Amy does, too. We’re both doing the same thing.”

In addition to throwing shade at her ex-husband, Amy also clapped back at trolls who attacked her on Instagram for not wearing a mask while hanging out with a group of friends on Labor Day. Plus, she revealed exactly how production sets up the scenes for LPBW and how her fiancé Chris Marek refuses to talk about specific subjects on camera. We’re breaking it all down in this week’s episode of “The Roloff Report.” Check it out in the video above.

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