The first season of Love & Hip Hop: Miami was definitely a wild one — and it was hard to shake Episode 1, when producer Young Hollywood told rising artist Amara La Negra to change up her signature Afro-Latina looks, particularly her hair. Hollywood even received death threats after making those insensitive remarks on camera, and the gorgeous songstress exclusively told In Touch about where they stand today.

"There is no relationship between us. I cannot be upset when there is truly a lack of knowledge in the culture and about being an Afro-Latina," Amara said via e-mail this week. She also opened up about how it felt to watch her former friend, Veronica Vega, go on a date with him knowing how she felt. "I was surprised at first but after truly being able to see what the world saw conveyed from the both of them on this season, nothing surprises me."

Amara then added, "That was not the first time that I have faced comments like that and, from those experiences, I have learned how to empower and educate versus to be filled with rage and negativity. The issue is bigger than my story and I am happy to be a part of history and help to educate on the Afro-Latina community at large. Every action has a reaction and I choose to channel mine into a positive movement."

Now that Season 1 wrapped, you can expect to see the "Insecure" songstress focusing more on her music. "I am eagerly ready for the world to hear what I have been working on in the studio under my new record deal with Fast Life Ent Worldwide and BMG," she shared. "We will be releasing an EP prior to an album. In addition, we are in discussion of touring in 2018 once the music is out."

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