Ready for Halloween? If you’re not, Bear Brown‘s got the perfect thing to help you feel the spooky spirit. On Wednesday, October 23, the Alaskan Bush People star revealed on his Instagram that he’s working on his own horror movie. Apparently, his project has been in the works for years — and though it’s not clear whether he’s doing it alone, the Discovery Channel crew is helping out or he’s got his own team of people, it sounds like things are starting to come together.

“When I was a kid, when we’d be, like, blown in by a storm or just down on anchor on the boat or even camping, we’d always tell, like, ghost stories, spooky stories, stuff like that,” Bear, 32, told his fans. “And we also had a really limited number of movies, so we watched a lot of the same movies over and over again, and I was always intrigued by, like, the Alfred Hitchcock or the John Carpenter, those style movies. And that’s one thing that, when we were stuck in California, I got the opportunity and kind of the idea to do my own equivalent of a horror movie, kind of based after all of those old movies that I used to like and even a couple of video games like Resident Evil.”

Revealing that he’s been “working really slowly” on his own horror movie ever since, he explained, “That’s what some of the brief posts are that have question marks on them. It’s little pieces of my horror movie.” One day earlier, on October 22, the star shared a clip of what seemed to be a man running across a red landscape. “Fear no evil,” a voiceover read as the text appeared on the screen. According to Bear, the moving is “slowly coming together, really slowly, but it is coming together.”

Bear Brown Working on His Own Horror Movie

We can’t wait to see it — and we know it’s going to be just as extreme as everything else the star does. “That’s one thing that I’ve always just thought was cool,” he told fans. “To be able to, like, … make a movie that makes people be spooked where they huddle together with their family and they watch it like, ‘Ooh, what’s going to happen next?'”

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