People need to mind their own business. OutDaughtered star Adam Busby shared a sweet video of a little prank he pulled on his daughter Ava with toothpaste, and as always, someone criticized his actions as a parent in the comments.

“Ava’s reaction to activated charcoal toothpaste this morning 😂,” Adam, 37, captioned the funny video in which he switched out her regular toothpaste with that variety. She clearly got a kick out of it and was all smiles and laughs with her dad, but then an Instagram user commented on February 15, “That can remove enamel from teeth.” The reality star dad clapped back, “Can, but not from one application,” along with an “OK” emoji.

Adam Busby Claps Back After Troll Slams Him for Using Activated Charcoal Toothpaste on His Quints comment
Courtesy of Adam Busby/Instagram

Adam shares six kids with his wife, Danielle Busbyquintuplets daughters and an older girl, Blayke. We think it’s safe to say they know by now what they’re doing when it comes to the basic hygiene of their children.

For the most part, fans loved seeing the father and daughter moment Adam shared. “You’re the best dad 👍,” one person wrote. Another commented, “Thanks for the morning chuckle 😀.” A different Instagram user replied, “Hah! Is it smokey flavored too? 😍”

'OutDaughtered' Star Danielle Busby Trolls Husband Adam with the Help of a Justin Bieber Song feature
Courtesy of Adam Busby/Instagram

Unfortunately, both the TLC star and his wife are pretty used to clapping back at haters on social media by now. For instance, in June 2019, the Busby parents received a parenting “tip” from a random Twitter user that read, “Geez, every parent should know you do not have bedroom doors with locks, especially on toddler doors. Bad move there.”

Adam responded expertly, “Hey we have a perfect parent joining us tonight! Welcome to the party! Thanks for all the great criticism … I mean advice … 🙃#outdaughtered.”

The Busbys were also questioned by fans about their decision to have Riley start kindergarten, and Adam handled that just as well. “So many people that don’t actually know my child think that they know better than us, the parent,” he wrote in August 2019. “There have been 6 parents in world history that know what it’s like to raise all-girl quints with all of the complexities that we deal with on the daily. We are making the best decisions that we can; knowing what we know.”

You’ve got this, Busbys!

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