It’s been a little over seven months since Dance Moms matriarch Abby Lee Miller was sent off to federal prison in Victorville, California on fraud charges. Now, she’s getting out — sort of. Radar Online is reporting that Abby will serve the rest of her 366-day sentence at a Bureau of Prisons halfway house in Van Nuys, which apparently has stricter rules than she’s used to.

A former inmate of Abby’s said her final days in Victorville will be extremely regimented. “Abby had to follow very strict protocol for her exit from FCI Victorville. As far as what she will be allowed to walk out of the prison in, she had to submit a detailed description of exactly what she will wear 60 days prior to her release.” She reportedly picked out a “simple outfit” and shoes.

abby lee

The source continued, “The request needed to be detailed, including what type, color, size, etc. The same thing goes for her bra and underwear. Abby will also be able to take her personal items bought from the commissary.”

As for how Abby will be transported from Victorville to the Van Nuys halfway house, she needs someone with a car and a documented license plate. This person will need to submit a request to Victorville with the make and model of their car for approval. Once that is set, she only has several hours to make the trip.

abby lee

The source said, “She will have anywhere from four to five hours to get from prison to the house. She is not allowed to stop at any location other than halfway, where she is allowed to go through a drive through to get some fast food.” According to this source, the halfway house isn’t exactly setting Abby free, either. “It is hell! While she is there she gets no freedom and is still under the BOP rules.”

She will reportedly be fed “awful food” and will be sleeping on a mattress with one pillowcase and two sheets. There’s no word on when Abby will make the transition, but it’s the first step in closing the curtain on this chapter of her life.

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