When Janet Jackson became a mother at 50 years old, we thought that was pretty old to deliver a child, but a woman in northwestern India just managed the feat at the grand age of 75. Not only that, she only has one lung — and she may have just become the oldest woman to give birth. The woman delivered her child via C-section on Saturday, October 12 in Kota, Rajasthan. DailyMail.com identifies her as Prabha Devi, claiming that she is nine years older than the current record holder.

Dr. Abhilasha Kinker, an IVF specialist at the Kinker Hospital in Kota, was one of the doctors involved in the birth. She claimed that the procedure was a challenge, explaining that, because of the mother’s ailing health (having only one lung certainly didn’t help), the baby was born premature after six and a half months of pregnancy. Weighing only 1.3 pounds, the infant was transported to the newborn intensive care unit (NICU) at another hospital to recover.

Premature Baby in Hospital
Newslions Media / MEGA

“Prabha Devi had come to our hospital four to five days before the delivery,” Dr. Kinker told DailyMail.com. “We found there were complications in her pregnancy so we decided to deliver the child through Cesarean section. … She was ill and old and we couldn’t take chances with her and the child’s life. She had already carried the child for over six months which was very surprising for her age. … She has one collapsed lung so it was a very challenging operation.”

Unlike the famous pop singer, though, the Indian woman isn’t a first-time mom. According to Dr. Kinker, she’d previously adopted a child. However, she also strived to have her own genetic offspring, which is why she decided to pursue in vitro fertilization treatments. Despite discussing the possible complications — some of which seem to have come to fruition — with the doctor, the mother was adamant that they proceed.

Last month, another Indian woman vied for the title of oldest woman to give birth. USA Today reports that 74-year-old Mangayamma Yaramati gave birth to twins in September. Those babies were also delivered via C-section, though neither mother nor babies faced any complications. “Both mother and the infants are healthy,” a doctor told the Hindustan Times.

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