She’s not bowing down to the haters! Nicole Nafziger from 90 Day Fiancé clapped back at an Instagram user who called out for not being honest about her relationship with Azan Tefou and her weight loss struggle. She admitted that she screws up sometimes too, but that she’s only human, just like her social media followers. Good for her.

Blogger John Yates shared both the comment that set Nicole, 22, off and her pretty epic response. Take a look at Nicole’s epic reply to her latest troll below.

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From Nicole. #90DayFiance

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“Please stop promoting things for money when you’re not serious about it,” the original comment began. They later added, “You don’t wanna talk about how much money you send Azan and now you don’t wanna give a number on your ‘weight loss.’ I know, reality hurts when you actually hear yourself say it. Us real women want to hear about the struggle that you’re clearly having with this journey because we struggle too…keep it real with your journey and share it all or nothing.”

Nicole responded, “Do you think it’s easy to be in the public judgmental eye while doing your weight loss journey from the beginning when all you’re trying to do it [sic] learn what is best for you??? Yes, I was on the show I did this to myself etc. etc. That’s no excuse for all the rude things people say. I’m a NORMAL [sic] person who is just trying to lose weight. And yea that means I mess up. I mess up big time.”

Nicole continued further down in her very long response to the hater, “I’m just trying to do my thing while maybe motivating others to also start their own journey. Now excuse me if I make a living from it as well. That’s the bonus I get for BEING ON REALITY TV [sic]. That’s what I get for putting my life OUT THERE [sic]…let it go and let’s move on to the things you could benefit from…so let’s all get along and keep in mind that I am a NORMAL [sic] person who just wants to loss [sic] weight to feel comfortable in her own skin.” You’ve got this, Nicole!

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