Not only did 90 Day Fiancé star Sarper Güven reveal he is struggling financially during the season 6 premiere of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, but he also blamed girlfriend Shekinah Garner for his money woes.

While Shekinah, 41, initially planned to move to Turkey to pursue her romance with Sarper, 44, she had been traveling to Los Angeles every five weeks to visit her daughter, Sophie, during her boarding school breaks. However, Shekinah explained during the Monday, July 1, episode that her latest stay was extended to three months so that she could earn extra cash because she is not able to work as an esthetician in Turkey.

Shekinah wasn’t the only person struggling financially in their relationship, as Sarper also revealed his own issues. The personal trainer explained that he was broke because Shekinah wouldn’t allow him to train female clients, which makes up 90 percent of his business. Additionally, Sarper told his sister that he was financing Shekinah’s trips to L.A.

“So, from my income, 90 percent cut right now, I have no savings left,” he admitted.

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In addition to discussing their money issues, the couple also opened up about the challenges of their long distance relationship. Shekinah explained that their current dynamic had “affected [their] relationship a lot,” while Sarper accused his girlfriend of being “possessive” when she questioned if he was being faithful.

When I ask Sarper where he is or what he’s doing, he gets so defensive. He gets so upset,” Shekinah shared in a confessional. “He’ll go as far as breaking up with me and, like, 10 minutes later he’s crying and saying that, you know, we can never be apart. Like yes, we’re OK again later, but those moments are really hard on our relationship and they keep occurring.”

Shekinah then argued that she had a good reason to worry, as Sarper has never been in a serious relationship and has boasted about sleeping with more than 2,500 women. “I have been doing a lot of hand-holding, just teaching him how to do the basics, like working through issues instead of running away from them and being apart has only made it harder,” she continued.

Later in the episode, Sarper insisted that he had changed and was taking his relationship with Shekinah seriously. “I changed so much for her but she still wants more,” he told his sister. “I’m trying, I’m striving to make her happy, but she doesn’t see it. You know, it’s getting too much, that b—hiness getting higher every day, every day, every day, every day. When she gets back to Turkey, she has to relax in her demands because you know what, there’s a limit, like a glass of water. You can put a little more, little more, little more and it spills over afterwards.”

90 Day Fiance's Sarper Reveals He's Broke and Blames Shekinah for Financial Troubles
Courtesy of Shekinah Garner/Instagram

Just hours before the new season premiered, Shekinah defended her man when she was asked about the number of women he’s slept with. “I think it’s terrible, you know, in this day in age to be, like, essentially slut shaming people, which is what that is,” the reality star told TMZ. “It’s so demeaning, so wrong. He’s a grown man. He’s not doing anything wrong.”

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