Making it work. Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio isolated with his ex-wife, Sarah, and her husband, Sean, on the May 11 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined. The new living situation does cause some strife for the group, but they all tried their best to keep a positive outlook amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“When it became time to quarantine, it just made much more sense that we all do it under one roof,” Michael explained about their setup, revealing Sarah was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer in early February.

“When I was diagnosed, of course it was a shock, but it was very early stage,” Sarah said about her health struggles. “I’ve had two surgeries and I’m waiting for two tests to come back and those tests will determine whether I have to have chemotherapy or not. I’ll definitely have radiation, but we’ll still waiting on the chemo part. My lab results are backed up because they are processing so many virus tests.”

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Michael said their living arrangements have been a big adjustment for him and Juliana because “intimacy and the silent, wonderful romantic times have been challenged.” He also addressed how it’s different to have extra people and “more animals running around.”

Fortunately, they all have a mutual respect for each other, which makes it more doable. “Living in the house with everyone is easy and hard at the same time,” Juliana admitted, even opening up about the tough aspects. “Cause we are all friends, but of course sometimes they don’t agree with each other so just suddenly fight.”

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Juliana confessed she’s also getting used to the lack of privacy because she has felt a “little weird and [is] shy.” On top of that, the house is always messy, which she attributed mostly to the dogs and Sarah’s husband.

To pass the time, they’ve all started turning to hobbies they can safely enjoy at home. Michael and Sean played some music together, while Juliana learned how to drum. This likely helped her forget about her other stressors.

Michael Juliana Quarantine With His Ex-Wife Sarah Her Husband
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“The situation with my family is Brazil is scary. My sister and my mom got fired,” Juliana said during one tense scene. “They are one hundred percent dependent on us.”

“Thankfully they are healthy, but like so many other people in the world, they aren’t in a position to survive very long without a paycheck, without a job,” Michael added.

At least they are leaning on each other during these tough times.

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