90 Day Fiancé‘s Kyle Gordy received a mention in the new hit Netflix docuseries Man With 1,000 Kids, about super sperm donor Jonathan Jacob Meijer, who fathered hundreds, if not thousands, of children around the world.

Kyle’s name came up in the third episode of the three-part series, when a pair of women were trying to track down Jonathan, 41, ahead of a court case, which had been delayed because he was traveling to Kenya.

“We went online, and we started digging around and we stumbled on a Facebook Group, which is about donors in Kenya, and there was this video from a sperm bank. There’s a doctor looking for European sperm donors … two-week vacation, flight, stay in hotel, food all paid for by the clinic,” one woman explained.

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“It raised some alarm bells. He couldn’t be donating just before a court case to stop him, right? Or could he? So we started digging around more,” she continued, and that’s when Kyle’s name became involved when they found a Facebook page called Kenya Sperm Donors.

“The group was recently created. Three people were made amins: Anthony Greenfield, Joe Donor and Kyle Gordy. What is really shocking are those are mass donors,” she continued, as an article about Kyle, 33, being a “serial sperm donor” appeared onscreen.

A video of the reality star was shown where he was saying, “This will probably be 42 or 43 … like Superman!” while snapping his fingers and bragging about the number of children he fathered.

A new admin was added shortly thereafter, who Kyle and the others called “The Lion of Mombasa.” The person remained anonymous but was cheered on as a legend by the other three admins, including Kyle.

Jonathan was a fan of lions and had used them throughout his social media. The user told the admins in a post, “Welcome to the gathering of all famous donors.”

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Courtesy of Kyle Gordy/Instagram

Kyle responded, “Good to be sharing the promised land with you bro,” as others deemed Kenya the “promised land” for creating more children with their semen.

Anthony texted a friend that the goal of the clinic was to make 200 babies per year with his sperm. He claimed the clinic booked his tickets and hotel and he had to stay there until he finished donating 500 straws of sperm for freezing. Anthony joked that he’d been “milked like a cow” but that he “didn’t mind” because he “liked making babies.” It’s unclear if or how much Kyle donated to the clinic.

Even though Kyle’s chronicles of fathering children have been well-documented, he was still cast in season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise, which premiered on April 22. At the time, he claimed to have fathered 71 children and had another nine on the way.

On the show, he told producers he offered up his sperm for free in order to help make families happy. However, his methods are controversial, as not only does he donate semen through clinics, he also does so through natural insemination of a woman through sex.

Kyle pursued a relationship with German single mom Anika Philipp on 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise. However, he continued to donate his sperm and set up a controversial “points system” for Anika to gain affection with things such as better appearance and diet. Three points got Anika a kiss from Kyle, while 10 points would earn sex with him.


In a 2021 Vice documentary about Kyle, he said he “leaves it up to the woman” as to whether she wants to have sex with him to conceive a child.

The TLC star founded a website called Be Pregnant Now, where he gave advice about becoming pregnant. In the “about” section, he wrote, “My name is Kyle Gordy and I am a sperm donor who helps singles and couples have children without going through a sperm bank. I live in Los Angeles and I have been donating for a few years and have had multiple pregnancies. I have helped create many happy families.”

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