90 Day Fiancé star Kobe Blaise is thinking about moving to Cameroon and his wife, Emily Bieberly, isn’t so sure about the overseas relocation.

In a teaser for the Sunday, July 7, episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Kobe, 35, brought up the idea of possibly moving to his native country for a “little while” as their children grow up.

“I mean, it’s easier with the money we have saved, we can even rent, we can even build, if we wanna build a house,” the former underwear model told his wife. “We can equally do that with the amount of money we have saved already. It’s just that, okay, in America, life is expensive. Like having a house, with the money we have, it’s not gonna equate to anything.”

Emily, 31, and Kobe have famously lived in the Kansas native’s parents’ home since arriving in the United States during season 10 of 90 Day Fiancé. The plan was to move out of the home as soon as they got situated in America, however their plans changed when Emily found out she was expecting their second child.

Emily was surprised to hear her husband speaking about moving to Africa. “I 100 percent love your culture, and your tradition – but also, we’re very lucky to live in America and our kids get to grow up there,” she replied.

While Kobe agreed their two children — Koban and Scarlett — would have a better life in America, he argued that it could be a temporary move only lasting one to two years.

“Initially I never thought about raising a family in Cameroon but after staying here, I realize if we get a place in Cameroon, it will be way cheaper, it isn’t just about money and what we have,” he continued. “It’s about investing in our kids. If they grow up in Cameroon, at this stage, even for like a year or two, it will really help the kids understand Cameroon culture.”

Kobe and Emily documented their overseas trip to Cameroon during season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? The Cameroon native was initially nervous to introduce his American wife to his family as he was the first in his family to marry a foreigner.

He admitted that he “honestly didn’t know” how his family and friends would react to his wife, adding, “This is something I’m really concerned about.”

While the 90 Day Fiancé stars were warmly welcomed by Kobe’s family, his friends from Cameroon did not hesitate to tell him that they found his new American wife to be “naggy.”

“I always think they’re unhappy in their relationships. Their cultures are really different from our own cultures because in Africa, the women have to be submissive to us,” Kobe’s friend Valery said in a solo interview during the April 7 episode. “But I know over there, it’s not the same, everybody have equal rights and when you can’t maybe express your rights, as being a man as an African, I think you are not happy.”

Despite the drama with Kobe’s friends, it didn’t affect Emily and Kobe’s connection as they revealed they were expecting baby No. 3 after conceiving during the trip. The pair welcomed baby No. 3, a son named Atem, in March 2024.

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