Who are Tiffany and Micah Smith on 90 Day Fiancé? The couple was introduced on season 8 of the hit TLC reality TV series as part of Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi‘s story line. Even though they’re not one of the main couples on the show, they’ve already gotten quite a bit of backlash — and Rebecca had to step in to defend them. Keep scrolling below to find out more about Tiffany and Micah.

Tiffany, 22, is Rebecca’s adult daughter. Micah is Rebecca’s son-in-law, as he’s married to Tiffany. The couple made their debut on season 8, episode 1 in a scene where Rebecca, 49, revealed she wanted to move in with Zied, 27, into Tiffany and Micah’s apartment to save money. Zied didn’t feel comfortable moving into the apartment, as Micah wasn’t married to Tiffany at the time because in his Muslim culture, it is looked down upon for unmarried women to cohabitate with another unmarried man. Both Micah and Tiffany didn’t seem accepting of Zied’s cultural differences, which caused some backlash online.

The couple got even more backlash after the Sunday, January 10 episode. Tiffany and Micah tagged along with Rebecca to the airport to pick up Zied, even though Zied only wanted that moment to be between him and his fiancée.

While Tiffany and Micah greeted Zied with hugs, they both agreed in their confessional that it was “weird” that Zied was not “enthusiastic” and seemed “nonchalant” about arriving in America to marry Rebecca. When asked what he wanted to do next after his arrival, Zied said he wanted to go straight home to the apartment — but Tiffany insisted they all go out for drinks so she and Micah could talk more with Zied.

“My mom’s already completely let her guard down. She’s just very much lovestruck and she wants to believe that everybody just wants to love her. But I mean, the reality is people are typically just doing it for the visa like her ex from Morocco did. So me and Micah, we’re right over his shoulder pretty much, checking him out,” Tiffany said in her confessional. Micah added, “We don’t know how much time we’ll spend. We’ll just kind of feel it out. It’s just something he’s gonna have to deal with.”

Fans were even more upset because they felt Micah and Tiffany were not warm or welcoming to Zied. Viewers also felt it was unfair that Micah immediately started grilling Zied while out for drinks about his plans for work. Micah also told Zied that if anything happens between him and Rebecca, then they will have “problems.”

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Things got so bad that Tiffany and Micah both set their social media profiles to private, and Rebecca took to Instagram to defend her daughter and son-in-law. “Please don’t be hateful to Tiffany & Micah [two disappointed face emojis],” Rebecca captioned a video message to fans on Monday, January 11. “They are good people just trying to be protective. [two loudly crying face emojis].”

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