From some couples saying their goodbyes to Shekinah Garner and Sarper Güven finally reuniting in Turkey, the drama is just getting started during episode 2 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 6.

90 Day Fiance’s Sarper and Shekinah Reunite in Turkey

After months apart, Shekinah was finally returning to Istanbul to be with her personal trainer boyfriend. The business owner was still worried about the thousands of women in the Turkey native’s past and revealed she had a “143-page letter” from her first boyfriend packed, which she planned to take out if Sarper did not respect her boundaries.

“I missed Shekinah too much, I mean … so much. It’s not sexually missing only, it is emotional,” Sarper told the cameras. “I feel alone without her.”

Sarper and Shekinah shared a tearful reunion at the airport in Turkey, with Sarper jokingly telling his girlfriend to “forget” the moment due to his crying.

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“Sarper’s a water sign so he’s full of emotions,” Shekinah explained to producers in a joint confessional with her boyfriend. “I never saw him cry like that.”

Although the pair shared a loving moment, it ended by the time they returned to Sarper’s apartment as he hadn’t made the changes that Shekinah requested — which included disposing of the empty alcohol bottles he kept as souvenirs of other women.

90 Day Fiance’s Dempsey and Statler Make Their ‘The Other Way’ Debut

Statler and Dempsey returned to continue documenting their love story following their debut on season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. During the episode, the U.K. native revealed she sold all her belongings and purchased a van to live and travel around in.

“It feels amazing. So, so excited,” Dempsey said in a solo confessional. “Downsizing again is just gonna let me go to the next journey. I’ve always wanted to travel, I always imagined myself living in a van and I’m so glad I got someone to share that with.”

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Meanwhile, Statler was worried about living in a van with Dempsey as she felt they still did not know each other well and questioned what would happen between them when they were traveling.

“I’m not just moving countries,” the Alabama native stressed to viewers. “I’m learning a new way of life.“

90 Day Fiance’s James and Meitalia Argue About Their Future

James and Meitalia are headed to Indonesia. Meitalia was set to leave before her husband, however, she was upset that their dog Jojo would be left behind for the time being. At the time, James’ family was unaware of their relocation plans.

“While I’m ready to see my family again, I am also sad that I’m leaving James and Jojo behind,” Meitalia said during the episode. “Especially Jojo because James just told me that he cannot come to Indonesia right away. And it’s really sad that I’m not able to see his family to just say goodbye.”

In another major relationship obstacle, the Indonesia native admitted to James that there wouldn’t be many opportunities for him to make money overseas. She said that he could help her father sell banana chips, but this just sparked another argument as James felt he would not be able to financially provide for her.

About a month after Meitalia’s departure, James planned to join her. However, he still hadn’t told his family. This wasn’t out of character for James as in the past, he had moved to Florida for an ex without his family’s knowledge.

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