Spilling all of the tea. 90 Day Fiancé fans were upset to learn Tarik Myers and Dean Hashim left Pillow Talk in December 2019. In an appearance on the discovery+ 90 Day Fiancé spinoff 90 Day Bares All, Tarik addressed rumors that the brothers were “fired” from the franchise and revealed the real reason why their departure from the show led to their feud and estrangement.

Tarik, 43, reminded fans that he was the first of the two brothers to enter the 90 Day Fiancé universe. Dean, 45, was part of Tarik’s story line with fiancé Hazel Cagalitan on season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Dean appeared in several scenes where he was portrayed as an overprotective brother who was suspicious of Hazel, 28, and her intentions.

“So we got asked to do Pillow Talk. Great. Everything was going fine, as far as I knew,” Tarik explained to Bares All host Shaun Robinson on the episode that premiered on January 4. “We finished filming the last episode of Pillow Talk that we did. Afterwards, Dean and I went out, chopped it up, you know, went and got some dinner. He goes back home, I go back home thinking everything is great. A week later, the executive producer of Pillow Talk calls me like, ‘Yo, uh, your brother quit.’ Out of the blue. I had no idea that Dean had all of these problems with me. He just went completely two-faced on me.”

In disbelief, Tarik checked his phone and found out Dean blocked him on all social media platforms, as well as his phone number. Tarik then asked Hazel to try to reach out to Dean, but he had blocked her as well. Tarik called the executive producer and asked him to tell Dean to call him back. That’s when the producer revealed the shocking reason why Dean cut off all communication with his brother.

“The producer said, ‘Look man, I’m gonna level with you. Your brother said he said he quit because you were cutting him off,’ you know, when we were filming our Pillow Talk segments, ‘you were cutting him off, not letting him finish his jokes and you were always talking over him,’” Tarik revealed “If anybody knows, if anybody watched me and Dean on Pillow Talk, you know that the [reverse] is true, right? Dean is, you know, his personality is loud, boisterous, that’s cool. I’m more reserved, laid back, intellectual but I’m still, you know, funny. And regardless of that, if that was the case bro, then holla at me. Talk to me, say something.”

Tarik asked the producer to call Dean back, and the producer revealed the next day that Dean still refused to speak to his brother. Shaun, 58, asked if there was anything that went down between them the night before their estrangement and Tarik said there was no argument or anything that would have led Dean to this decision.

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Shaun then cut to never-before-seen footage from season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé, where Tarik and Hazel discuss their estrangement from Dean with the brothers’ mother. Tarik told his mom he and Dean don’t “talk at all” and claimed Dean “basically stabbed” him in the back by taking “money” out of his pocket by quitting Pillow Talk.

“My attitude is f–k Dean. Period. It’s gonna be that today, it’s gonna be that tomorrow. It’s gonna be next week, it’s gonna be that from now, a month from now, a year from now. You backstab your brother, then your name is s–t. Period. That’s how I feel,” Tarik said in the scene.

While discussing the scene with Shaun, Tarik elaborated on the money claims. ”We were, to put it mildly, very popular on Pillow Talk and we were getting paid well. So you know I’m not hurting financially, you know, but Dean knew the plans that we had for investments and all kinds of things,” he said.

Tarik added that he and Dean never had an issue growing up and never went through a period where they didn’t talk when they were younger. Shaun hinted that there might be “jealousy issues” that led to the falling out.

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Courtesy of Dean Hashim/Instagram

While teasing next week’s episode, Shaun revealed Tarik will come back and they hoped to bring Dean on so they can talk it out and settle their feud on the show. Tarik agreed and threw a little shade at his estranged brother. “I’m here and I know he craves camera time anyway so, he’s a ‘star,’ so,” he said.

90 Day Bares All is available to stream on discovery+ starting Monday, January 4.

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