Side-by-Side Photos of Varya and Mary on 90 Day Fiance

Their first meeting didn’t go well — and round two between 90 Day Fiancé star Varya Malina and Geoffrey Paschel’s girlfriend, Mary, got even messier. When the two women came face-to-face once more, the radio host told her ex’s new lady to “just stay away” on the Sunday, May 31, episode of Before the 90 Days.

The interaction started out calmly enough as Varya, 30, asks Mary if they can talk somewhere private. However, it was clear there’s still plenty of tension between them as the Tennessee native seemingly warned the Russian beauty about starting a fight. Though Varya tried to say she’s just as “surprised” as Mary is to find herself in the middle of a love triangle, Mary wasn’t looking to bond over it. “You came all the way from Russia and surprised him out of the blue when you turned down his proposal. So why the f–k are you here?” she asked.

Geoffrey Paschel

That’s when the conversation takes a turn. Warning Mary not to speak to her “in that way,” Varya added, “If you want everything good for him, just stay away. … He doesn’t love you.” Despite Geoffrey, 41, admitting he still loves his ex even after she rejected his proposal, Mary didn’t see their relationship lasting more than six months. She, on the other hand, had “been a constant in his life” — and she was convinced she knows her boyfriend best.

The altercation exploded as Varya accused Mary of being arrogant, only for Mary to insist the kettle was calling the pot black. As Varya walked away, it’s obvious the issue wasn’t over. “Hearing Varya tell me to stay away? Ooh, that is the most asinine thing I have heard. That’s absolutely ridiculous,” Mary told the cameras. “I don’t know who the f–k she thinks she is.”

But just because she’s confident Geoffrey’s ex isn’t right for him, doesn’t mean he’ll realize that. “I don’t know where things are going to go from here,” Mary admitted. “I don’t know if I should just try a different angle. I don’t know if I should just walk the f–k away and just call it a day. … I don’t know what he wants, and it just breaks my heart.”

Though Varya and Geoffrey end up engaged by the end of the episode, don’t count Mary out just yet. Based on social media, it seems like the long time friends might just make their romance work.

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