Get well soon. Larissa Dos Santos Lima revealed that she’s currently being hospitalized in an emotional update via Instagram on January 14. The 90 Day Fiancé star shared how she’s doing amid her divorce drama with Colt Johnson and she also asked fans for their support.

“I am here at the hospital, because I am feeling really weak, haven’t eaten [sic] nothing since Thursday. I suffer of depression and anxiety. I take medicine for that and I am out of my medication,” Larissa, 31, captioned her photo. “I just found out my former to-be ex-husband canceled my health insurance plan one day before our fight on Wednesday.”

Colt, 33, reportedly filed for divorce just hours after Larissa was arrested for the third time on domestic violence charges following a heated altercation with the pair, In Touch can confirm. In her recent post, Larissa explained how the events that recently transpired between them have made her wonder if this was all “planned” by Colt, however he denied Larissa’s allegations, claiming he never canceled her coverage. Larissa later revealed the staff was able to find her on his policy, so she apologized for posting about it on social media and said it could have been a staff mistake.

'90 Day Fiancé' Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima Will Not Face Domestic Battery Charges After Dispute With Colt Johnson

Larissa documented her fight with Colt and claimed the reason for their dispute was because she had allegedly caught him paying for porn online. The reality star now said that she needs financial assistance to pay for her new start, as well as immigration and divorce fees. Larissa explained that she has no income right now, since she can’t legally work yet or start her business. “I also never had access or any control of the money we made on the show and with the cameos,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, Colt also broke his silence while returning to Instagram with a statement. “I don’t understand my soon to be ex-wife,” he wrote. “She comes to America with literally nothing. The suitcases she used for travel I provided for her. On her arrival I already had clothes waiting for her to wear and everything she needed to start a basic life in America. Over the course of months I continued to provide for her, gave her shelter, food, and supported her wants and dreams.”

“When she wanted a dress or makeup I bought it for her,” Colt continued. “When she wanted to take ESL classes I found a class for her and drove her. When she wanted to go to a gym I took her to every gym in town and eventually she joined two gyms simultaneously. When she needed a doctor, lawyer, therapist I would always do what I could for her. My sole mission since her arrival was to see that she was happy, taken care for and nurtured. When she wanted to start her business I gave her a thousand dollars just to start. Every time she was in trouble, I was there.”

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