Did Jon Walters and Rachel Bear swindle TLC? The couple was just introduced during the Season 2 premiere of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days last week, but there has been a substantial amount of evidence that has since been uncovered about Jon and Rachel that may or may not prove that they actually met each other in person before joining the show — and they may have already been engaged at the time of filming. 

Jon and Rachel both have separate Instagram accounts, but they also have a joint Instagram (@FollowOurFariyTale) and Facebook page titled “Follow Our Fairytale,” where they document their journey as a long distance couple. But, as Starcasm previously reported, the “about” section of their Facebook page lists a second Instagram account with the handle “@SupportTheFairytale,” which has since been deleted. But the couple still used the #SupportTheFairytale hashtag in a handful of posts on the @FollowOurFairyTale Instagram, with some dating as far back as June 2017.

It seems like they were using the hashtag to get their followers to support or fund their first meeting together, and Starcasm dug up a link to Jon and Rachel’s GoFundMe page with the title, “Help us finally be together!” According to the fundraising site, Jon and Rachel’s campaign raised $1,872 and it is now “complete and no longer active.”

The money from Rachel and Jon’s campaign would have been used for either Jon to visit Rachel in the United States or Rachel to visit Jon in England. Since there is no date available on the GoFundMe page, there is no way of telling if this actually happened or not, but there is telling evidence on the @FollowOurFairyTale Instagram page.

Jon and Rachel celebrated their one year anniversary on September 1, 2017. A follower commented, “You’ve been dating for a year and never met? Wow,” and either Jon or Rachel replied, “Over a year together before we first met in the flesh.” Since they used the past tense, it seemed that they may have been implying that they already met in person.

It’s also interesting that Rachel shared a photo of two passports on August 3, 2017, which would imply that she was gearing up for a trip out of the country. Just one week after that photo was posted, they shared a photo of an LDR couples’ necklace with the caption, “I’ll wait forever and a day and do it all over again, if that means I get to be with you. I want to kiss your lips, touch your skin and finally say ‘I do.’ I love you, Jon Walters. I’ll be there soon.”

If Rachel would be seeing Jon “soon,” that would mean that the couple met sometime at the end of summer 2017, which was at least three months before they started filming the show, because judging from Rachel’s interior home scenes, there was a Christmas tree behind her that could imply that they filmed during the 2017 holiday season. But that caption also held another major clue: Rachel said she couldn’t wait to “finally say ‘I do,'” which would also imply that the couple was already engaged.

Back in July 2017, Rachel shared a collage of gifts she received from Jon, one of them being a Claddagh ring which is a traditional Irish ring that is meant to symbolize love, loyalty, and friendship. It is often used as either a promise ring or an engagement ring, and Rachel can be seen wearing the ring on her left ring finger in her confessional shots on the show.

If Jon and Rachel had either met already or had already been engaged before filming 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, it would mean that they may have lied to the production company because the show is only meant for couples who are in long distance relationships and have not yet met in person. But fans will just have to keep tuning in to find out the truth!

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