90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 8 may be winding down but the drama is only continuing to brew! From Michael Ilesanmi finally arriving in the States to Manuel Vélez’s drama with the mother of his kids, tensions escalated for the TLC couples during episode 17.

90 Day Fiance’s Patrick Misses the Mark With Thais’ Dad

Patrick Mendes, Thaís Ramone and John McManus spent time outdoors trying to bond with the Brazil native’s dad, Carlos. Patrick was motivated to show his father-in-law that he was a “good fit for his daughter,” however Carlos was more concerned with bonding with Patrick’s older brother.

“This trip is the best chance I have to work everything out with him,” the former bodybuilder told producers. “But Carlos is putting zero effort with me right now.”

Patrick and Thaís thought it was weird that Carlos was “buddy-buddy” with John despite not speaking the same language.

90 Day Fiance’s Angela and Michael Surprise Her Family

Angela Deem and Michael have officially made it to Georgia! Angela kept the big news to herself and acted like Michael’s visa wasn’t approved when visiting her daughter Skyla for dinner. Instead of immediately joining them, Michael waited outside as he prepared to surprise Angela’s family.

“Mom, it’s just not meant to be if he’s not coming over here,” Skyla lectured the 90 Day Fiancé alum.

“I can’t wait to prove you wrong that he’s gonna get that visa,” Angela clapped back. In a private confessional, she added, “Skyla’s face … I cannot wait to say, ‘Look who’s coming for dinner.’”

Michael knocked at the door and all of Angela’s grandchildren were extremely excited to see the Nigeria native. Although Michael was visibly happy throughout the encounter, he was surprised to see how messy his wife kept her home.

90 Day Fiance’s Rob and Sophie Are Headed for a Split

Sophie Sierra is still reeling from her husband, Rob Warne’s decision to spend his birthday celebration at a club. In an effort to make herself feel better, Sophie also went to a club with her friend Kay but hoped Rob would “stay loyal” to her.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Season 8 Episode 17 Recap 000

Rob returned to his home in Austin after spending his birthday in Kansas City, where he said he made a decision to break up with the U.K. native.

“It just feels like she doesn’t love me, it feels like I’m doing this alone,” he told producers. “You know, Sophie and I have been teetering on this breakup for a while, but she’s not gonna call me to talk about this stuff. I have to make a decision for us.”

90 Day Fiance’s Emily and Kobe Discuss a Possible Move

After a successful trip to Cameroon, Kobe Blaise clearly didn’t want to leave his homeland — telling his wife, Emily Bieberly, that he’d like to live in Africa for a “year or two.”

“I mean, it’s easier with the money we have saved, we can even rent, we can even build, if we wanna build a house,” the former underwear model told his wife. “We can equally do that with the amount of money we have saved already. It’s just that, okay, in America, life is expensive. Like having a house, with the money we have, it’s not gonna equate to anything.”

Emily was surprised to hear her husband talk about moving overseas. “I completely love your culture and tradition, but we’re also very fortunate to live in America, where our kids get to grow up,” she told him, adding that her answer was “No.”

This in turn sparked a larger fight between the couple — with Kobe accusing Emily of making all the decisions in their marriage.

Upon their departure from Africa, Emily’s parents were surprised to hear that Kobe wanted to live in Cameroon and asked the dad of three to reconsider his decision.

90 Day Fiance’s Loren and Alexei Butt Heads

There’s trouble in paradise for Alexei and Loren Brovarnik! While the mother of three looked snatched after her mommy makeover, she surprised her husband by announcing she wanted to return to work and asked him to be her “cheerleader” and support her.

“I’m not gonna be your f–king cheerleader, OK?” the Israel native replied. “Any man in the world that respects himself and his manhood don’t want his wife to tell him, ‘Come be my cheerleader.’”

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Season 8 Episode 17 Recap 22

The pair discussed the tense confrontation the next day, where Alex felt it was the “wrong place, wrong time” to discuss the New York native possibly returning to the workforce. In turn, he agreed to support Loren in her career.

90 Day Fiance’s Jasmine and Gino Argue About Intimacy

Jasmine Pineda continued to prepare for her pageant despite her rocky relationship with Gino Palazzolo. The Michigan native felt Jasmine had a lot of things she could improve on when it came to the competition, but felt he had to “bite his tongue.”

Gino eventually grew tired of Jasmine ignoring his feedback, to which she responded by bringing up the larger issues in their marriage.

“I’m so desperate to have your attention. You know how much that hurt me. Like my husband, doesn’t make love to me,” she tearfully told him. In a private confessional, Gino confessed the fighting in his marriage had gotten “too much” and Jasmine was “getting uglier” to him by the day.

“I don’t see you trying to fix what I’m telling you the problem is,” Gino clapped back.

90 Day Fiance’s Ashley and Manuel’s Baby Mama Drama

Ashley Michelle was still fuming with Manuel for lying about his conversations with the mother of his children.

“I don’t understand why it needs to be kept secret,” she explained in a confessional.

The Ecuador native apologized for hurting Ashley and opened up to his wife, expressing that he felt powerless due to not being able to work and support his family. Manuel explained that he didn’t want to tell his wife about his insecurities because he didn’t want to “share his sadness” and make her feel bad.

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