90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise stars Jordan and Everton may have met over 12 years ago, but there are still a lot of secrets between the two. Keep reading to find out if Everton and Jordan are still together. 

How Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Jordan and Everton Meet?

Jordan met Everton when she was visiting Grand Cayman for a friend’s wedding. 

“The wedding party chartered a boat, and he was our boat captain for the day,” the Texas native told producers during their season 3 debut in April 2023. “And I remember the second we saw each other, it was an immediate, magnetic kind of chemistry.”

While she said it sparked “a passionate love affair,” the international lovers were on and off in their relationship for 12 years. 

“But even when I’ve been in a relationship with other people, Everton has always been in the background,” the TLC personality continued. For Everton’s part, he got back together with Jordan prior to the pandemic and he said his girlfriend was his “help” since the tourism business was shut down completely in the Cayman Islands. 

“That was a game changer for me,” the Jamaica native explained in a confessional. “I know it’s probably been very hard for her, but she always make sure that, financially wise, whatever she has, she’s gonna share with me [sic].”

While Jordan and Everton planned their future together, Jordan kept secrets from Everton in their 12 years together. 

Jordan previously worked in the beauty industry; however, during the pandemic, she turned to making and selling “custom fetish videos.” 

While she considered herself a nudist and was proud of her sexuality, the 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise star understood that she had to tell her partner about how she made her living online

90 Day Fiance Everton and Jordan Still Together

“I’m hoping that this time we really can pull it off …  but this means that I really need to come clean about my videos,” she said during the April 24 episode. “It’s not right that I’m keeping a secret from him.”

Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Everton Cheat on Jordan?

While Everton took the news of Jordan’s online hustle well, problems arose after Jordan confronted Everton about a concerning message she received from a woman during the May 15 episode. “I got a voicemail from a woman who claimed she was dating Everton during Covid lockdown when I wasn’t able to travel to see him,” she explained before playing the message for Everton.

“You know that man Everton, he’s a dog,” the unidentified woman said during the call. “You think he’s down here being faithful? Ha! He’s been right here f–king me and god knows who else.”

When Jordan asked him to explain the message, he replied, “Hey you know what, that b—h is crazy.” However, Jordan was still suspicious and fired back “You’re right and you’re the one that was f–king her!”

He later admitted to being unfaithful in a confessional. “I feel really bad about this, I f–ked up once, but this one girl was just a f–king fling.”

“I was lonely and it’s over now,” he added.

While Everton seemingly regretted his mistake, Jordan made it clear that she wasn’t ready to forgive him.

“How am I supposed to trust you when you’re not being forthcoming about what you’re doing when I’m not there. you know how small that island is?” she said.

Jordan went on to admit that she felt “disrespected by Everton’s choices in this situation.”

“I am very disappointed that he sunk so low, it’s just really upsetting and very confusing,” she added in a confessional.

Their relationship hit another low once Everton introduced Jordan to his mother during the June 12 episode. While Jordan and his mother hit it off, she was surprised to find out that Everton didn’t have marriage on the brain. 

“I blindly trusted Everton, and I just assumed we’re on the same page,” she explained to producers. “I thought I knew my future and where I was going, and come to find out, it really doesn’t look like I have a clue.”

Are 90 Day Fiance’s Jordan and Everton Still Together?

While visiting Everton’s mom’s home, Jordan and Everton met up with his friend Sheldon for dominos. When Everton stepped out for a phone call, Jordan took the opportunity to ask Sheldon about the woman who left the voicemail about Everton. 

“I saw the Western Union note,” Sheldon told Jordan during the June 26 episode, confirming Everton sent the other woman money. In a private confessional, Jordan slammed Everton as she was also struggling financially at the time but still opted to send him money. 

“I’m f—king pissed to find out that Everton was giving away the money I was sending him to other women,” she told cameras. “I literally went without and gave Everton the money that I needed for my bills.”

It’s clear Jordan wasn’t happy with the news as she angrily confronted Everton on the way home. 

“Like seriously, I f—king can’t stand you,” she yelled after he admitted he sent a “small amount” of money. “I’m not f—king doing this with you anymore. I’d rather be by myself.”

While Everton and Jordan’s relationship current relationship status has yet to be revealed, Jordan has no mention of her overseas partner on her Instagram, a telling sign the pair may no longer be together.

What Is ’90 Day Fiance’ Star Jordan’s Instagram?

Jordan can be found on Instagram under the handle @jordanmasonofficial.

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