90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Nicole Sherbiny is moving to Egypt a second time to be with her husband, Mahmoud, despite initially leaving after finding the country to be “much different” than her life in America — but did the TLC newbies make it work the second time? Keep reading to find out if Nicole and Mahmoud are still together in 2023. 

How Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Nicole and Mahmoud Meet?

Nicole is originally from Idaho but now lives in Los Angeles as a delivery driver and clothing reseller. On a “magical” trip to Egypt, the 38-year-old wandered into a fabric store and was immediately smitten upon meeting Mahmoud.

“I was shopping and there was this super cute boy, with these big brown eyes and these big sexy muscles. He said, ‘You should stay in Egypt and be my wife,’” she explained before laughing off his question during their February 2023 debut. “He asked me if I really would marry him, so I said, ‘Yes, of course, yeah.’” 

Are ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Nicole and Mahmoud Married?

Following her initial trip, the Idaho native returned to Egypt to marry him twice, once at the Justice Department and once with a full wedding party, but kept it a secret before deciding two months later that she wanted to return to America. 

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Citing culture shock and her husband’s strict modesty rules, the couple often fought and 11 months after getting married, Nicole told the Egypt native she wanted a divorce.

What Problems Have ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Nicole and Mahmoud Faced In Their Relationship?

Despite Nicole asking Mahmoud for a legal split, she “missed him” and decided that she wanted to return to Egypt and get back together.

During season 4 of the spinoff, the series documented Nicole as she decided to move back to the African country noting that it was “awful” being away from her husband. While there were lingering feelings, all arguments she ran away from will still continue to be a problem in the international marriage. 

Fans watched Nicole return to Egypt and reunite with Mahmoud during the February 19 episode. While they greeted each other with a warm embrace, the pair quickly began to fight when Mahmoud told his wife that her shirt was too small. She then hit back by calling him “rude.”

Their tension continued to grow when Mahmoud admitted he was worried that she would leave him again. “You love to change your mind a lot,” he added.

Fans continued to watch Nicole’s first night back in Egypt during the February 26 episode. Following their argument at the airport, the couple arrived at Mahmoud and his mom’s apartment and were greeted by a family party.

“Sometimes it sounds like there are 700 people in your apartment,” she told Mahmoud, noting that life with him means daily interactions with his large extended family.

While reflecting on her husband’s family, Nicole continued in a confessional,”They’re all so kind and loving and wonderful, but I just need a little more space where I can be myself.”

As the party continued, Nicole admitted that she would rather be alone after a day of traveling. “It can be extremely overwhelming for me — a person who is very introverted and used to living alone and in a quiet environment — to have really loud all of the time. The kids are talking, the adults are talking, they’re all just talking,” she told Mahmoud. “I’m happy we’re trying to make this work and everything, but you know that Egypt is super overwhelming for me.”

He replied, “I know it’s too much for you, but I need you to handle that more.” Nicole then suggested that they find their own apartment, though Mahmoud disagreed. “You just need [to] live here,” he said, adding that the living arrangement would help her “see what life [is really] like here.”

During the March 12 episode, their relationship seemed to hit a breaking point when Nicole and Mahmoud couldn’t agree on whether or not she should dress more conservatively. As they argued, Mahmoud walked out and told cameras that he’s “not the right person” for her.

“He said he didn’t want to be with me anymore,” she said while packing her bags. “I feel like Mahmoud doesn’t want me, he wants some ideal version of a wife and he wants me to go, so that’s what I’m gonna do.”

When Mahmoud eventually returned, he explained that he left because he needed to calm down. After he asked Nicole what she wanted to do, she angrily replied that she’s “done” with him. “You say you don’t want me anymore because I won’t wear the f–king clothes you want,” she said. “F–k you.”

They continued to bicker until Nicole called Mahmoud an “a–hole” and he stormed out.

“I hate it when he does this, just not talk about the things that make us fight,” Nicole said about her husband. “He doesn’t know how to handle it because he’s so full of emotion and he just takes all the power and leaves. I’ve had enough.”

The couple faced more conflict in a teaser clip for the March 19 episode shared by People. While meeting with Mahmoud’s uncle to discuss his clothing line, Nicole became uncomfortable when he questioned why she wasn’t wearing a hijab. As fans know, the topic is something that she and Mahmoud have struggled to compromise on in their relationship.

Nicole later explained why she chose not to respond to Mahmoud’s uncle’s comment. “I don’t answer because what I really want to tell them is that religion is very personal, and it’s nobody’s business why I’m not wearing the veil anymore,” she said during a confessional. “So, I don’t want to be rude.”

“Beyond that, I’m mad and Mahmoud, and I don’t even want to be here right now,” she noted.

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During the March 26 episode, a fight between the duo turned physical when Nicole shoved Mahmoud.

She claimed that the argument began when he made a rude comment to her off camera. “I walked up to Mahmoud and he was acting funny, and I just — I’d had enough,” Nicole explained during a confessional. “I don’t know why he said it, but I think it was totally uncalled for.”

After he made the comment, Mahmoud followed Nicole as she insisted she wanted to be left alone. He continuously grabbed her arm, though she responded by pushing him off of her.

“If I had an Egyptian wife, if she did that to me, no way,” he told cameras following the fight. “No way she[‘s] yelling at me around people.”

By the time the eighth episode of the 90 Day spinoff came around, Nicole and Mahmoud’s relationship was at an all-time low. After a fight regarding a full-body swimsuit, worn on Nicole’s part, she claimed that all she tries to do is make her husband happy despite his “passive aggressive” comments. Things escalated to the point where Nicole told Mahmoud to leave her alone, to which he responded that he was done with their relationship.

Mahmoud left Nicole sitting in a café at the end of the episode, telling her that he’d wait five minutes for her to leave with him, otherwise they’d head down the path to divorce. That specific saga came to an end when Mahmoud walked away, later texting his wife telling her that he hopes she finds someone right for her. As he texts her one more time to come with him otherwise they’d be getting divorced, Nicole stayed put at the café.

During the April 9 episode, the couple faced even more conflict when Mahmoud’s brother said he shouldn’t marry Nicole. While Mahmoud insisted he still wanted to be with her, Nicole said that things in their relationship needed to change in order to work.

After arguing over their problems, Mahmoud eventually apologized to Nicole and she agreed to “call a truce.”

Later in the episode, the couple told Mahmoud’s brother that “the fighting is over.” Nicole appeared hopeful for their relationship when she added that she still loves him despite their issues.

Also during the April 9 episode, the couple once again hit a roadblock when Mahmoud admitted that he thought Nicole’s friend Nouran is the “worst girl” he’s ever met.

Mahmoud broke his silence on his comments about Nicole’s friend via Instagram on April 11. While Nouran questioned why Mahmoud wanted to meet his wife’s friends, he explained he trusts Nicole and wanted to be there because she doesn’t speak Arabic and “she doesn’t know how to cross the street in Egypt.”

The reality star went on to explain that he doesn’t expect to spend time with her friends in the United States because there won’t be a language barrier for her.

Mahmoud then defended his beliefs that Nicole should dress conservatively because those are the guidelines within the Muslim religion that he said he feels “comfortable” with.

“I’m human and no one is perfect,” he concluded in the lengthy message.

Are 90 Day Fiance’s Nicole and Mahmoud Still Together?

Nicole and Mahmoud’s current relationship status is currently unclear. However, she seemingly confirmed that they’re still together by sharing a photo together via Instagram on February 14, 2023. “Happy Fourth Valentine’s Day,” Nicole wrote. “My love, my life, my heart, my everything.”

She previously told a fan that she’s currently living in Giza, Egypt, via Instagram on March 4, while the pair continued to imply that they’re still together when Mahmoud posted a birthday tribute for Nicole on March 23.

“You’re the best thing ever happened to me I love you more than anything. With age some people tend to lose their charm but you become charming wiser and more fun to spend time with,” he wrote via Instagram. “You are a beautiful soul and I am glad to make me a part of your life on this earth. I wish you a very happy birthday and hope that more fun, and joy comes to your life.”

In April 2023, Nicole further confirmed her relationship status with Mahmoud after sharing a tribute post to her husband. 

“Love this guy,” she captioned the photo via Instagram. Her bio on the social platform also reads, “Married to [Mahmoud El Sherbiny].”

By late May 2023, fan were treated to another clue about the couple’s status when Nicole was spotted at Los Angeles International Airport greeting Mahmoud as he arrived in the States. “Welcome home Mahmoud,” Nicole’s sign read. “My love.”

Fans will have to tune into 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way to find out how Nicole and Mahmoud’s relationship plays out.

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