Are 90 Day Fiancé stars Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa still together? The couple has hit several rough patches since tying the knot in September 2018. By the time they returned for season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? in April 2021, they seemed to be in a better place, but lack of communication plus conflict with their families drove another wedge between them. Keep scrolling below for an update on where Kalani and Asuelu stand in 2023.

How Long Have Kalani and Asuelu Been Together?

Kalani and Asuelu made their 90 Day Fiancé debut on season 6 of the TLC flagship series. They met while Kalani was on vacation in Asuelu’s native country of Samoa, and he worked at the resort where she was staying. They quickly got pregnant and welcomed baby No. 1, son Oliver, in January 2018. Shortly after, they began the process for Asuelu’s K-1 visa so he could move to the United States and they could be a family.

Almost immediately, Kalani’s family was skeptical of her relationship with Asuelu, and things worsened when Kalani learned she was pregnant again and expecting baby No. 2 with Asuelu shortly after he arrived in America. Asuelu was able to earn the blessing of Kalani’s mom, Lisa, and dad, Low, by promising he would step up and provide for his family of four, and the couple wed during a romantic sunset ceremony on a boat in California.

What Went Wrong Between Kalani and Asuelu?

The couple continued to share their journey on season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Kalani and Asuelu were struggling to see eye to eye over money and their relationship. Kalani also felt Asuelu wasn’t doing his part as a husband or a father as she struggled to adjust to being a mom of two, having given birth to son Kennedy in May 2019. During a particularly heated fight, Asuelu called Kalani a “bitch” — which upset her family and they no longer supported their marriage.

Kalani decided to stay with Asuelu to work out their issues, but they faced another test when they visited Asuelu’s family in Washington. During their trip, which took place in the 2019 holiday season, Asuelu’s mom, Lesina, and sister, Tammy, pressured him to send money back home to his family in Samoa. Asuelu worked a part-time job at a local grocery store at the time and was struggling to provide for his family of four at the time, but Lesina and Tammy felt Kalani was the reason why Asuelu didn’t want to financially help them.

The fight over money reached a peak when Tammy and Lesina confronted Kalani, and Tammy threatened to “beat” Kalani “up.” The fight led to an argument between Kalani and Asuelu and before they headed back to their home in Utah, which they share with Kalani’s parents, Kalani admitted she no longer wanted to be married to her husband.

She had a change of heart after they got back home when Asuelu agreed to go to couple’s counseling. Therapy seemed to help, but the couple were on the rocks again when the coronavirus pandemic reached a peak in the United States in spring 2020. Kalani felt Asuelu was not adhering to social distancing guidelines and putting their children and her mom and dad at risk, so she sent him to go live with his mom and sister for several weeks.

Did Kalani and Asuelu Get Divorced?

It was a shock when Kalani and Asuelu filmed the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever Afer? season 5 reunion together. Asuelu was back and living with his wife, their two kids and her parents but he was still not on good terms with Kalani.

90 day fiance kalani asuelu jobs

Fans were surprised to see that Kalani and Asuelu were still together when they returned for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever Afer? season 6. They seemed to be in a better place both in their marriage and financially, as Asuelu had taken a job as a rideshare driver, but they still were facing communication issues. They were even looking to buy a house so they could move out of Kalani’s parents’ home, and they felt it would help save their marriage if they were in a place of their own.

But the couple realized they couldn’t afford to move out, which led to more tension because they also struggled with intimacy issues. Kalani tried to express her wants and needs, which led to a big fight and Kalani even consulted with a divorce lawyer to discuss her options.

Unfortunately, shortly after their argument, Asuelu got into a car accident and his near-death experience served as a “wakeup call” for the couple. They vowed to work on their marriage and they even took a romantic getaway trip where they reconnected.

Things took another turn when they clashed over whether or not to have another baby, as Asuelu wanted to grow their family but Kalani did not want to get pregnant again. Amid their tension, Asuelu’s family threatened to drive an even bigger wedge between them when they visited them for Christmas 2020. Things came to a head during an August 2021 episode when a huge brawl breaks out between Kalani and her sister Kolini and Tammy and Lesina.

Are Kalani and Asuelu Still Together?

Kalani and Asuelu enjoyed a family vacation to Disney in July 2021, they also went on a family trip together to Hawaii in March 2022.

After a fan asked him where his “beautiful wife” was “at,” Asuelu shared a TikTok video that he also posted on Instagram of himself, Kalani, their kids and her sister Kolini enjoying the waves of the Aloha State.

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Courtesy of Asuelu Pulaa/Instagram

“Yes, we here with my family,” he told his followers, before calling Kalani “my baby.”

However, in June 2022, Asuelu posted a lengthy message on Instagram, writing that after people kept asking where Kalani was on his social media of late, his response was “IDK.”

“[She] don’t wanna join my Live, she doesn’t want film TikTok with me. She’s different from how she used to be. She doesn’t wanna go out with me. Everything she needs I supply for her, [especially] the boys,” he wrote, pointing to a potential split.

Asuelu added that he had “a lot to say,” but he couldn’t at the time because he is “under the contract.”

“I wanna have my own space but she … doesn’t want to communicate anymore,” he continued. “Hopefully, we sell this house very soon so I can go back to work.”

To add to the speculation, Asuelu said he was “single” while showing off his impressive weight loss via TikTok in June 2022.

Split speculation continued that month when In Touch exclusively confirmed that the couple’s Washington, Utah, home, which was purchased by Kalani and father Low in June 2018, was placed for sale the previous month.

In October 2022, Asuelu slammed critics who accused him of not “being a good dad” amid the split speculation.

“This for all of you bitches that complain about my life,” he said in an Instagram reel. “They say grow up, be a good dad, bitch I’m here, buying all the [groceries] buying all the food, buying everything for my family.”

The following month, Kalani seemed to hint at a split from her husband while reflecting on her family’s move from Utah to California. “Life looks a lot different than what I had planned,” the mom of two shared on November 13, alongside a compilation of photos and videos of fun outings with her two sons. “Here’s to us learning to go with the flow.”

However, by December 2022, the couple seemingly shut down split rumors with a flurry of social media activity. On December 16, Asuelu shared several photos and videos via his Instagram of him, Kalani and their children reuniting at a California hotel following his trip to Samoa. In one clip, Kalani could be heard asking their boys, “Who is it?” as they excitedly opened to door to greet their father.

On December 20, Asuelu seemingly confirmed that he and Kalani are still together while posting a sweet photo of the family of four posing in front of a Christmas tree. “Christmas mania and crazy massage ❤️🎄😘 @kalanifaagata,” he wrote in his Instagram caption.

While the holiday post was later deleted, the pair seemingly enjoyed a date night ahead of the new year as Asuelu shared a photo of the two clinking glasses on December 30.

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