The honest truth! 90 Day Fiancé stars Anna-Marie Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu had a major turn in their storyline on season 7 of TLC’s hit reality TV series. On the Sunday, January 26 episode, it was revealed that Mursel would be coming back to America after returning to Turkey when the couple briefly called off their engagement. Some fans think the drama was faked for ratings for the show, but anna took to Instagram prior to the show’s premiere to defend her man and shut down the rumors.

During an Instagram Live, Anna, 38, decided to answer some questions from fans. “Is it true Mursel never left to turkey?” The Bellvue, Nebraska native responded, “Mursel did leave to turkey. It’s really true.”

Fans later learned why and how Mursel, 38, was able to return to America after leaving for Turkey, and how they decided their wedding was back on. “He was supposed to call me an hour ago and he hasn’t called yet, so I don’t know what’s going on,” Anna told producers in a scene from the episode. “Anna called the production crew last night. Mursel told her that he wants to return to America.” a message on the screen read

“When Mursel left to go back to Turkey, I was really heartbroken and he called me saying that his parents said that we could get married,” she explained. “I was in disbelief and I guess I just, in that moment I was so angry at him for leaving. But, you know, I still love him.”

“So, Anna can I ask you what you’re doing now?” the producer asked. “I’m just texting him, saying, ‘What’s going on? Why haven’t you called?’” she replied.

90 day fiance spoilers do anna and mursel get married

Another message from producers explained that Mursel had an interview with the U.S. Embassy, where he would be requesting that his K-1 visa be reissued to him. “It doesn’t really happen often but you may be able to come back on the same K-1 visa,” Anna explained. “Like, I can’t believe we’re even getting an opportunity for this interview. This whole thing is just crazy.”

Finally, Mursel texted Anna back with an update, and they hopped on FaceTime. “Hello,” Mursel said. “Visa okay.” He confirmed that his visa is “good,” and they both seemed happy that they would be able to make it down the aisle with his family’s blessing after all. He would be arriving in America two days after their phone call.

In a separate scene, Mursel explained why he thinks his parents decided to change their mind, and he revealed it was probably thanks to his mother. “She felt sorry for me, so it might be her idea to change their mind. I guess so.”

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