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Blue Bear Protection is a recognized manufacturer of premium PPE products, such as the KN95 mask. They started producing the KN95 in 2020 immediately after the COVID-19 pandemic struck. The product has already received numerous Amazon bestsellers and Amazon’s Choice badges. Recently, the KN95 mask surpassed a thousand reviews from happy Amazon customers.

Wearing masks in public is critical protection against COVID-19. The KN95 mask offers maximum protection because of its close facial fit and efficient filtration of airborne particles. It is particularly critical for healthcare staff who closely interact with COVID-19 patients.

Blue Bear KN95

“Blue Bear Protection’s KN95 masks consist of two melt-blown fabric layers and two non-woven cloth layers to ensure maximum protection, breathability, and comfort. The outer layer of the product is made of PP non-woven fabric. There are three inner layers of activated carbon filter, hot contact cotton, and cold contact colloidal cotton. Capable of capturing 95% particles present in the air, these KN95 masks also come equipped with an adjustable nose bridge and elastic ear loops, ” explains Todd Camhe from Blue Bear Protection.

Blue Bear Protection has strong relations with suppliers and distributors worldwide and is capable of top-quality sourcing. They have set up warehouses all over the United States to get its products quickly to homes, schools, medical centers, and businesses.

The founders realized they could intervene to help close the gap when the COVID-19 crisis began to unfold, and the gap between production and delivery in the US deepened. They knew that functioning together could warrant that the safest and highest-quality products would make their way to the American public and build a newer, safer future for everyone.

This company is privileged to be a global supply chain expert, with a supernatural capacity to speedily adjust to swiftly shifting market needs, keeping hard-to-find items in stock and accessible for all customers. Nonetheless, they have suffered from mask mandates, market volatility, and misinformation. Still, they did an exceptional job building customer confidence by providing reliable and high-quality products with reasonable value and first-rate service.

Blue Bear KN95

The Blue Bear Protection team states that masks are not going away anytime soon, and you should be prepared to protect yourself and others. Allergy and fire season is coming, and regardless of the pandemic, it is crucial to mask up to save your lungs from particles in the air. The company aims to make reasonably priced, high-quality products that will help keep people safe, healthy, protected, and live a better life.Blue Bear Protection is a health/wellness brand that manufactures personal protection equipment (PPEs) and over-the-counter (OTC) products. It is a New York-based business enthusiastic about supplying reputable and affordable products. Its mission is to make high-quality products that are available to everyone. To ensure this, they have spent decades building trust with suppliers and distributors worldwide. They specialize in COVID trends, health protection, personal hygiene, wellness, and cleanliness, as well as improving people’s lives with new and innovative products.


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