As the festive season rolls in, it’s time to think about stocking up the holiday bar with guest-pleasing bottles that ensure every toast is memorable. This year we encourage you to add a touch of luxury, artisanal craftsmanship and global flavor to the mix with a host of spirits created by Brand House Group, a producer of unique, super-premium, hand-crafted brands for every taste and preference. From the agave-rich fields of Mexico to the lush vineyards of California, and the iconic distilleries of Japan, Brand House Group’s portfolio is a global journey of flavors, ideal for making your holiday gatherings unforgettable.

Start by celebrating with O’RTE Single-Estate Tequila. Born from the fertile lands of Jalisco, Mexico, O’RTE offers a new vintage from a different estate each year, narrating a tale of each estate’s unique terroir and encapsulating the spirit of the region in every sip. Julious Grant, founder and Chairman/CEO of Brand House Group, brings three decades of experience in the spirits industry. He muses, “O’RTE is a personal homage to my half Mexican roots and the end result of my quest to source the finest agave – a journey filled with meticulous research and exploration. There’s no other tequila like it.”

O’RTE’s evolving taste profiles offer a novel tasting experience with each new vintage. The 2021 vintages of O’RTE are a testament to the brand’s mastery over flavor. The O’RTE Blanco is a lively dance of peppery notes with a sweet finish, while the Reposado serenades with floral honey and vanilla aromas. The Añejo, on the other hand, is a tropical symphony of pineapple, oak, and caramel, creating a sensory experience akin to a Jalisco sunset.

Journey further north to the vineyards of the Golden State with OMAGE California Artisanal Brandy. A delightful fusion of California grapes with French cognac techniques, OMAGE is a testament to elegance and innovation, making it an exceptional choice for holiday gatherings. Available in VS, VSOP, and XO expressions, aged 2, 4, and 6 years respectively, OMAGE is a revelation for enthusiasts of bourbon, scotch, and whiskey. Its complex flavor profile, with subtle fruity notes and a gentle oak background, ensures a warm and refined finish.

Grant notes, “OMAGE Brandy is a celebration of California flair blended with traditional cognac craftsmanship. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation of creative cocktails, OMAGE is guaranteed to be a hit at any holiday party, delighting guests with its unique character and versatility.”

Crossing the Pacific to Japan, Brand House Group’s ICONIC Spirits portfolio offers a series of award-winning Japanese spirits that embody the essence of the country’s rich cultural heritage. AWAYUKI Strawberry Gin is an exquisitely crafted spirit infused with the finest pink and white strawberries sourced from Nara Prefecture. It presents a harmonious blend of delicate and sweet flavors, characteristic of these rare strawberries, known for their subtle sweetness and vibrant aroma. On the palate, AWAYUKI reveals layers of flavor that unfold gradually, offering an initial burst of fresh strawberry, followed by the traditional juniper and botanical notes of a classic gin. This interplay creates a delightful balance, making it an amazing choice for sipping straight this holiday season or for crafting festive cocktails with an innovative twist.

TEITESSA, an exclusive range of super-premium, single-grain Japanese whiskies, epitomizes the pinnacle of whisky craftsmanship. The collection, aged from 15 to 30 years, showcases the meticulous and refined artistry of Japanese whisky-making. Produced using age-old methods, TEITESSA is distilled in the time-honored Sato still, ensuring a smoother finish and giving the whisky a more refined and gentle profile compared to Scotch whisky. Each expression within the TEITESSA range is crafted from Koshihikari, a superior Japanese rice, distilled and aged with unparalleled precision, resulting in a spectrum of whiskies unlike anything currently on the market. When you pour TEITESSA for the holidays, your guests will know they are being treated to one of the finest spirits available — a testament to the special nature of the occasion.

HAIKEN Handcrafted Japanese Vodka is yet another must-have spirit from Brand House Group to elevate holiday entertaining this year. Available in both Original and fruit-infused Yuzu and Lychee variations, HAIKEN is distilled using the pristine waters of Mt. Katsuragi and premium rice from Hyogo. The vodka features an opulent taste profile with a natural sweetness and distinctive flavors accompanied by a smooth finish.

Two more remarkable spirits round out the ICONIC Spirits portfolio. First, Shunka Shuto is a collection of four flavorful Japanese blended whiskies inspired by Japan’s vibrant seasons. Each expression presents a unique flavor profile spanning light, fruity with biscuit undertones, to rich, maltiness with hints of caramel. BIKOKU is an exquisite pure malt Japanese whisky distilled with water from an underground aquifer fed by Mt. Fuji’s snowmelt. Also available in 8 and 12-year expressions, BIKOKU’s profiles are marked by rich nutty, vanilla, and spicy flavors, deepened by malt and fruity aromas from barrel aging. Both will enhance any home bar and delight the palates of your guests.

“All of our brands are crafted to elevate any occasion or experience,” adds Grant. “We created an unmatched portfolio of spirits to appeal to enthusiasts of all preferences, and I’m confident that a bar stocked with our brands will leave a lasting impression and be the highlight of any gathering or celebration.”

Brand House Group’s spirits are available across the United States in select wine and spirits retailers, including Total Wine & More, as well as on online platforms like Drizly and and through their respective websites.

Article written by Tom White


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